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How To Make A Room Divider

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A room divider in a theme that compliments your d?cor can add a unique look to the corner of your room while doubling as a screen to hide a messy area or provide extra storage in the back. A decent room divider can be quite costly, but if you consider yourself to be handy with tools, then you might be able to save a bundle while making a nice custom accent piece for your room.

When deciding on making a room divider, you must first pick out which kind you want to make. There's 3 basic types of dividers ? the folding screen, the flat panel and the hanging curtain.

The folding screen style of room divider typically has 3 or 4 panels, but you can build it with as many as you want. It stands on it's own when the panels are set at slight angles. To build this type of room divider, you simply make panel frames out of wood ? you can build them to any size that suits. Then add the inside panels ? insides can be glass, fabric, stained wood, painted wood or anything else that suits your fancy! Finally, assemble each panel to the other with hinges so that each piece folds against the other.

The room divider that is one panel and has feet that hold it up is the easiest to build. Just build the panel frame from wood and put whatever material you want in the middle. Then add some feet on the bottom to hold it up. You may be able to get pre-made feet for it or you can simply build them yourself. Make sure the feet are long enough so that the divider is sturdy when standing.

If you want to build a fabric or beaded divider, you will have to use something to suspend it from the ceiling. A track is nice because then you can slide the divider back if you want to expose the sections of the room. Something like a curtain rod could work, if you can rig something up that doesn't look strange. Then simply add the curtain or bead panel. You can even use a store bought curtain or make one yourself.

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