Who Is Randy Gage and Why Is He One of My Mentors and Heroes?

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Who is Randy Gage? I first read about him in a newsletter by his friend, and another of my mentors and heroes, Stuart Goldsmith.

At first he came across as a bit too much 'in-your-face' for my liking but, as he was challenging some of my long held beliefs, I came to realise that I was in a state of denial.

I will always be grateful to him because, by forcing me to face up to reality, I made some major breakthroughs by changing my thinking about certain issues.

If you need to get over some hang-ups that are keeping you from the life you deserve, and you can stand a strong dose of the truth, then Randy is the guy to tell it like it is.

Randy's message is that you can, just like he did, change just about everything in your life by changing your mindset. The story of his life as he came from being a 'victim' to becoming a self-made millionaire was an inspiration to me and whenever I stray off the 'path', I read or listen to Randy again to set me straight.

As Randy says: "The universe makes the light available to you, but you must still turn on the light switch."

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