Effective Meetings - Quick Survey

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Here's an easy quiz to check the health of your meetings.

1) Who leads your meetings? a) No one, b) Everyone, c) A facilitator

2) What happens to the ideas in your meetings? a) If we had to think of ideas, it would be work, b) We make fun of them, c) A scribe writes them on a chart pad

3) Are results obtained in your meetings? a) We eat all the donuts, b) And we drink all of the coffee, c) Yes!

4) Do your meetings have an agenda? a) Is that some kind of cabinet?, b) I saw one once in an article, c) Yes!

5) Who attends your meetings? a) We have bleachers to hold the spectators, b) The entire staff plus any homeless people in the neighborhood, c) Only those who can contribute

6) How long are your meetings? a) I'll let you know when this one ends, b) All day, c) An hour or less

7) During a meeting do you: a) Break a foam cup into bits, b) Prepare for the next meeting, c) Focus on the topic

8) How soon after the meeting do you issue minutes? a) If you think I want to publicize how much time we wasted, you're nuts, b) Within a few months or so, c) As soon as possible, if not faster

9) While someone is speaking, do you: a) Wonder about the strength of plastic foams, b) Plan a way to change the subject, c) Listen empathetically

10) What structured activities do you use in your meetings? a) We sit on chairs, b) Everyone leaves at the same time, c) Process tools designed to gather information, make decisions, and manage participation.

Score the following points: subtract five points for every (a), give yourself a zero for every (b), and award yourself five points for every (c).

If your total is:

Negative: Go to your boss and ask to fired

Zero to 20: Stay home

25 to 45: Keep learning

A perfect score of 50: Congratulations

IAF Certified Professional Facilitator and author Steve Kaye works with leaders who want to hold effective meeting. His innovative workshops have informed and inspired people nationwide. His facilitation produces results that people will support. Call 714-528-1300 or visit his web site for over 100 pages of valuable ideas. Sign up for his free newsletter at

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