Deceptive Marketing and Procrastination

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Procrastination is every marketers worst nightmare.

This applies on three fronts.

Firstly how many times have we waited to see how a company or product sells before joining?

There is a very fine line between researching the background history of a company before joining and should I join or not!

By carried out proper research we should then be able to make an informed decision.

Sounds easy, but?

In real life we are swayed by so many outside influences Including deceptive marketing practices.


1. You have seen the company or product a number of times. The website, the sales copy, emails etc, that you believe the Advertising, sales copy and make the decision. Remember if persistent sales copy can sway your decision, then it can work in your favor too?

That is why autoresponders are an essential tool of marketers. They allow you to automate and personalize your follow up emails to your prospective and existing customers.

My choice for autoresponders has to be ProAutoresponders. I use proAutoresponders to send out ~ The INDEX ~ ezine

2. We can be swayed by "HYPE" or by over imaginative and misleading advertising.

3. When we are presented with a product or service by a respected marketer or company. We can easily be coned or fooled into believing what ever we are told. There are new products released every day that have not had the proper testing or are inferior but because we trust the company or marketer we do not necessarily give the product a good check out before purchasing.

i.e. Buyer beware!

4. Package marketing. This is often used when marketing a product, the manufacturer will use enhanced colors and a large box with a small product inside. In this case you are lead to believe the product is larger than it is or in some cases a person or child is used who has small hands to promote a product.

A chocolate bar in a child's hand always looks larger until you buy one and it is gone in two or three quick bites.

This type of advertising is not new, Mark Twain said this over 100 years ago.

"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising". Mark Twain (1835 ? 1910)

Then the second type of procrastination is when your customers, downline or other prospects sit on the fence before making a decision to either make a purchase from your or to join your downline.

The last type of procrastination is when your downline sit and wait for your leadership and for you to ?

My advice is not to rely on others but to learn and make decisions based on your own observations, but if you get stuck, do ask for help.

Internet Marketing is not all roses and is not so easy to make a fortune. Like any business there are a number of skills required. Some skills you can learn while others it may be best to either employ an expert or seek help.

3 and a half years a go I didn't know what html was, but I have learned by trial and error the basic html functions and now I have built quite a number of websites.

I can even say I have helped and guided others with creating their own websites.

There is no way that I could have afforded to hire a webmaster. For a while I procrastinated. But once I built my first website and boy was it a mess when I look back at it today.

But I had taken the first step in learning.

Many people, marketers included try to get by with the knowledge they currently have, but that is exactly what we will achieve. We will only ever get by!

Most every task we do in life is learned.

Instead of Procrastination and Deceptive Marketing, your goal should be to get your prospects to make a positive decision from honest and informative adverting.

Deceptive marketing is likely to come back and bite you!

It is far better to have tried and failed, than not to have tried at all.

May your Website be Profitable.

PETER GREEN, Editor of ~ The INDEX ~ ezine.

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