How Effective Customer Surveys Will Help Innovate Your Business

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Have you ever wondered why the phones aren't ringing the way they should? Or maybe sales are flat and you're not achieving the revenue and profit targets you set for your business. There's one sure-fire way to uncover the problems to get your company back on track. The answers are right in front of your nose.

b>Why Your Ads May Say Nothing & Everything About Your Business!

Many business owners rely on platitudes and ego gratification when promoting their businesses. They think customers will flock to their establishments to buy products and services just because they're there or just because they're "nice folks". Their ads extol the same drearily predictable phrases: "We've been in business umpteen years!", or "We're family owned and operated!", or "We sell the best for less!". Trite and commonplace position statements such as these have been used so much, by so many advertisers, they simply have no meaning and no impact.

Your Customers Are A Goldmine Of Information

When it comes to your industry, your customers represent a wealth of experience. Why not tap into that knowledge-base to see how you can increase your bottom line profits?

Have you ever taken an extensive customer survey and asked why people buy from you? If you haven't, you're missing vital feedback that can tell you exactly how to craft your marketing message for maximum impact. Try it and you'll learn the best way to speak to your target audience. Their responses will guide you in developing your irresistible marketing message. You'll uncover all the customer "Hot Buttons", the problems, frustrations, and annoying situations your target audienceexperiences before and when doing business in your industry.

When you know what "makes your target market tick" and what "ticks them off", your approach will be more confident and informed. This will cause people to be more receptive, because prospects can now see that you completely understand them and their situation.

In addition, you can learn just as much from prospects who decided not to buy from you as you can from those who do. Why? When prospects fail to buy from you, there's a good chance that the issue was not "price". Knowing why allows you to look at ways of innovating your company, products, or your services. You know precisely how to make your business more attractive.

Customer Survey Types

Conduct your surveys and direct them toward:

1) Current Prospects

2) Prospects who are still stuck in the buying process

3) Current Customers

4) Former Customers

5) Unhappy Customers

According to Jim Rohn, renowned business philosopher, the key components to powerful communication are: first having something good to say, then saying it well, and finally saying it often, using the appropriate mediums. Your customer surveys will give you plenty of good things to say. Pay attention, because your customers may even say it for you, in the form of testimonials!

Good luck with your marketing efforts.

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