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Recent studies concerning the "new world of women" have been released. Some of the major findings may be surprising to you (less so if you are a woman). Today's woman is so busy, her life is full. She doesn't have enough time for herself. She certainly doesn't have a lot of time for your marketing message. So what do you need to do to reach her?

Fact #1: Fifty-nine percent of women "rarely" or "never" read a newspaper from beginning to the end, compared to 41% of men. The traditional advertising through newspaper ads or inserts certainly won't help your marketing efforts if women are your targeted audience. However, they might read newsletters from child care establishments, yoga classes, or spas. If print advertising is a large portion of your advertising budget, think about getting a lot more targeted in the types of publications where you advertise.

Fact #2: Only half (51%) "frequently" watch a television program from start to finish, compared to 60% of men. Just 47% frequently listen to the radio for more than 30 minutes straight versus 62% of their male counterparts. There go those television and radio spots too. The only exception regarding radio spots, are the number of working women who listen to the radio all day at their jobs. Check with your local radio stations and find that station preferred by those women in your area.

Fact #3: Fifty-six percent of women surveyed rarely or never read a magazine from cover to cover, a percentage that, surprisingly, is nearly similar to their male counterparts (57%). Like newspaper advertising, consider choosing the magazines that are specifically targeted at women if you want to get your message across.

Fact #4: Women (mid-20s to mid-50's) don't have a lot of time available to absorb the information. So offering shorter chunks of information for women to digest likely will cut through the clutter. Adding pictures that capture the essence of your message will also grab their attention.

Fact #5: Women spend a significant amount of time thinking and caring for others. Marketers can tap into women by showing them how their products and services can help them take even better care of others, and themselves.

Fact #6: Women enjoy being invited to do something; to attend a special luncheon in honor of a local celebrity or non-profit agency; to have a sneak preview of next month's latest and greatest; to be given the chance to offer input into how you're doing. Invite more women to your location with a promise of something in return (a small offering, a gift, a surprise?) and you will build traffic.

Fact #7: According to Nielsen NetRatings, women now account for 52% of the 55 million Internet users at home (contrasted with 48% male). However, men spend 24% more time surfing the Internet than women. Therefore, you have to catch her and catch her fast. Research the sites like which are most frequented by women. Make certain your advertising has a gripping picture to capture their attention. Without grabbing their attention, they'll never read your clever advertising copy.

In summary, women are busy people. Your product or service must make her life easier. And, you must go out of your way to position your message in front of her at places she is already visiting. Oh, and last but not least, don't fail to deliver on your advertising promise when she does buy from you. She has many, many alternatives to your company.

However, if you treat her right, she will tell her friends about you. That is cheap advertising indeed!

Michele Schermerhorn calls herself a "Corporate Freedom Fighter" dedicated to freeing cubicle prisoners. She has over 30 years experience in the business world and over 12 years running her own successful online businesses. She is President of Online Business Institute Inc. (, authors a marketing blog (, and regularly conducts free online seminars. Online Business Institute Inc. exists to "Create Successful Online Business Owners One Person At A Time".

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