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When Cable began as Community Antenna Television in 1948, all it did was collect over the air TV signals and send them down a cable.

When Cable networks began, so did Cable advertising. The fledgling new networks sold (or gave away) ads in their programs. Memories are etched in our brain; The Amazing Slicer-Dicer, and "so you don't forget, call before midnight tonight". Eventually local cable systems were given permission to sell ads and cover up selected Ginsu Knife ads on the networks.

Local Cable sales have never been great because the audience is so fragmented they can't sell it for even half what the local TV station can get for crummy time slots.

However, Cable is growing in strength and numbers. Now the broadcast industry is talking seriously about the numbers and amounts of national ad sales for Cable. Viewership for the big national over the air networks continues to shrink as Cable continues to grow. It's not an even contest, yet.

A recent look at the numbers show, are you ready for this? Nickelodeon is the number one Cable network (this is for the total day, not prime time. If you buy Cable ads your commercials will be scattered all day). Other movers on the chart, TNT (Turner Network Television), Cartoon Network (A Turner property) Disney, Lifetime, USA, TBS and Fox News.

Most of the Cable networks in the top 20 allow the local systems to insert commercials, some as cheap as 5 bucks each.

The ratings people now count Cable just like TV. As a comparison, consider a recent 60 Minutes broadcast (CBS - over the air) had a rating of 7.0, while Fox News average rating of 0.6 on any given night (that's point 6). A rating reflects the percentage of TV households viewing a program.

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Local Cable is still a good buy if you can keep it cheap and select the networks. The Cable Guy won't like it, but it can be done.

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