Practice Marketing: How to Answer What Do You Do? to Increase Prospects, Publicity and Profits

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"What do you do?"

"I'm a CPA. What do you do?"

"I'm a stockbroker."

End of conversation.

And the end of an opportunity to promote you and what you do in a way that will increase your prospects, publicity and profits.

Some like to call it The Elevator Speech" as in something you can say in the time it takes to ride on an elevator.

What I found is that many many people never ride on elevators. So the term Laser Speech really gets at what you want to do - communicate what you do in a focused and compelling way.

What I Said Before

I came across this technique out of desperation. In the past, when someone would ask what I did, I would answer with "I'm a marriage and family therapist."

I thought it was a pretty good thing to say, I am proud of what I do and have worked hard to get here.

The problem was when I said I was a marriage and family therapist, I would get one of three reactions:

1)"Oh, that's nice." And then turn and walk away as if I am dangerous or something.

2)"Oh, so have you been analyzing me?" Not until right now is what I was tempted to say.

3) The person would begin to tell me, in detail, all about their horrible husband or wife.

What I Do Now

Contrast that with waht I use now in response to "What do you do?"

"Do you know how so often in relationships couples will drift apart and end up room mates instead of soul mates?"

"Well what I do is empower couples to create passionate and loving relationships that will last."

The minimum response I usually get is "Wow, do you have a business card?"

The best, and typical response I get is either want to schedule an appointment right away or know someone that does.

Create Your Own Laser Speech

Notice the specifics of this model:

1) "Do you know how.........followed by the naming of a common problem that you see in your area of expertise.

2) Followe by "Well what I do is...........a benefit rich compelling statement about what you do.

So simply fill in the following blanks:

"Do you know how.............................?

"Well what I do is...........................

And you will be on your way to a compelling laser speech that will increase your prospects, publicity and profits.

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