Promotions That Build Profit

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Promotions are everything you do to let your customers know you exist. Good marketing techniques can help eliminate the "I didn't knows" from your clients and would-be clients. Even if you believe you have more than enough business you should always continue to do some sort of marketing. What if there is a sudden downturn in your industry? What if you have to suddently reach more customers? With a good marketing system in place you will be prepared for any surprises.

Additionally, you must be very vigilent in your marketing efforts when things are slow. This is NOT the time to pull back. If anything, go forward by taking advantage of all the free and low costs opportunities that will keep your name at the front of your market.

Develop a Winning Marketing and Promotions Campaign

Marketing a business can be a huge challenge. However, if you have systems in place, are consistent in implementing your systems, have great follow up and truly care about your customers, your business will not only survive, it will thrive. Before you begin a marketing campaign for your business, take time to develop a good plan.

With promotions, it may not be a one size fits all for your business. Depending on what you are promoting at any given time will determine what type of plan you need to put in place.

However, these are some things you should always consider in any campaign.

  • Collecting names and contact information for inclusion in your database
  • Inputting the information in a timely fashion
  • Sending some type of a follow up within a short period of time after obtaining the information
  • Keeping a well-groomed database
    • Before starting a promotional marketing campaign, ask the following questions:

      • What is the purpose of the campaign?
      • How much time do you need to properly roll it out?
      • What is your budget?
      • Who is your target market?
      • How will you promote it?
      • What type of incentives do you need to offer ? coupons, giveaways, drawings?
      • Will you do all the promotions yourself or will you need to hire someone to help?
      • What is your system for collecting names and contact information?
      • Will you need special insurance for the event?
      • Are you complying with all state and federal laws? For example, in Utah we have very strict laws about anything that remotely resembles gambling such as a raffle.
      • Will you be including other companies in your campaign?
        • Your Marketing Program Needs to Be Ongoing

          As a marketing and promotions advisor to small and medium sized companies, I often see people who try something once, get little or no result and then cry, "Marketing doesn't work!" Fact is, one letter, one phone call, one ad, one press release - none by themselves will achieve the desired result, but having a continuous, ongoing plan for marketing and following it will.

          Something you must do in order to gain optimum results is to get excited about marketing you and your business. The more passionate you are about what you do the more people will want to do business with you.

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