Quick Postcard Design Tips

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TIP #1: Avoid the "Too Much Information" Syndrome

I've seen many a marketing postcard that just has too much information on it. Too many words set in tiny type is an all too common problem.

And the poor recipient, who only has limited time in his/her day, feels overwhelmed and gives up. Into the trashcan your card goes.


The solution? Let that postcard sit for a day or so. Then, when you're feeling grumpy and argumentative, go back and edit that card copy.

When you're in a bad mood, you'll be merciless with all of those "fluff" words that seemed so indispensable before. And those sentences that just ramble on and on? They'll be trimmed down -- way down.

TIP #2: Back Before Front

Chances are good that your recipients will look at the back of the card first. Think of how your mail gets delivered to you each day. It probably goes into your mailbox address side up.

This means that the back of the postcard shouldn't be an afterthought.

Yes, you do have to squeeze the sender's and recipient's addresses and the stamp or indicia in there, but you do have a lot of extra room for creativity.

You could even employ elements of your front design on the back. Like your logo, your photo and your website address.

Or try this idea: Let's say you're a real estate agent looking for listings, and you'll provide a free market analysis to those who request one. Make the same offer on the front and back of your postcard. That way, your prospects will see it, coming and going.

Martha Retallick, "The Passionate Postcarder," hails from Tucson, Arizona, USA. She is the author of Postcard Marketing Secrets, a downloadable PDF manual that will show you how to put postcards to work for your business?profitably. Learn more about it at:

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