Small Business Marketing; Abstract Philosophical Discussion

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Our bodies work like our small businesses. They work best by word of mouth, networks, referrals, etc. The Internet also works this way to serve the most good thru networks, portals and referral links; of course the Internet could work better, but all in all we are well served by using such systems and we are most hurt when those systems are used against us. For instance a virus in the blood stream, an International Terrorist in an airliner, a drug dealer in your neighborhood or a computer virus which worms its way through your system doing its dirty deeds like the evil doers or an evolving organic virus on our bio-systems.

Viruses are opportunistic, so are International Terrorists. This is their system of distribution to procreate and live. A virus in a computer can be a living growing event. So can a brand name or business expanding a market base. We are not comparing the damage caused by a virus or condemning either distribution methodology, one is evolved, while your small business is relatively young in that regard. We need to study what works if we want to win. We can learn a lot by studying these things.

It is a much better system to look at the successes of nature and what works and why. Viruses with their fast evolution work like a small company with fast market innovation, implementation and evolution (revolution). For instance read about "Rules for Revolutionaries" and Prescription for the Future; and .Com to .Profit and Business is Combat; and "Blown to Bits;" or "500 Year Delta" As we have seen the exploits of those companies, which mimic nature in the regard of small teams, companies like Franchises. Just reading a few of these books ought to teach you a thing or two about special teams, regional variations and specific markets and personalities if you will of the local attitude. Recommended reading would be "Franchising For Dummies" and "Start Small and Finish Big" or "Franchising 101", etc.

If you want to win in your business you must study those things, which work anywhere you can find them, leave no stone unturned, you will find the secrets everywhere. Think about it.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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