The Easiest Marketing Plan Youll Ever Find

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When it comes to marketing there's simply too many choices. I often find clients are totally perplexed about which marketing tools they should use and how to use them.

To help make your life easier I've created the simplest approach to marketing that you'll ever need. Use it to plan your marketing program for next year.

There are only three things to think about. I call it the FAR way to market your business.

F is for Focus.

1) Decide who your target audience really is. Be ruthless, but think big. Who will pay for what you have to offer?

2) Then decide which benefits you are offering them. Think of it from the clients perspective. Describe what the client will get ? not what you will give them!

A is for Approach.

1) How are you going to approach the people (or businesses) you have chosen as your target audience? And when, or how often, will you do this? Don't waste your time with half-baked ideas that have no basis in reality. Find out what they read, who they speak to, what they respond to, or where they hang out. Don't guess.

2) Then sit down and think about what resources you will need to put all that into place. By resources I mean:

- Finance (dollars, euros, moolah)

- Materials (like printed brochures, newsletters, letterhead etc)

- Time (who is going to do it)

- Technology (do you need new software like database, email service provider, desktop publishing)

R is for Response.

1) What response do you want your prospect to take? Be specific. Will they be telephoning you, or going to your web site, or faxing back a form, or emailing, or dropping in to see you. Often the response will be influenced by the method of communication and the offer you are making.

2) What will be your response when they contact you? This is the start of your "sales process". Will you ask for further details, or phone them back for an appointment, or take their payment details, or qualify them before going any further. You must decide what is the next step. Then make sure it happens when they contact you.

There you have it. FAR. Three little steps that can make your marketing decisions so easy ? and so effective. Because they start with the client.

But if you still need help, guess what? Give me a call and I'll discuss it with you.

I've done some homework on my Focus.

You've just experienced my Approach.

Contact me to check out my Response.

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Stuart Ayling runs Marketing Nous, an Australasian marketing consultancy that specialises in marketing for service businesses. He helps clients to improve their marketing tactics, attract more clients, and increase revenue. Stuart also offers telephone consultations and runs regular marketing seminars. For additional marketing resources, including Stuart's popular monthly newsletter, visit his web site at

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