The Secret to 100% Success With Your Marketing

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There's a secret to marketing, which is so simple, yet so effective once you learn it and apply it, you'll be amazed at the great results you can produce. This secret will prevent you from failing with your marketing pieces.

Before I go on, lets start with establishing common ground to begin with.

My definition of marketing is? communicating with potential customers in emotionally beneficial terms.

To me, the medium or method of marketing communication doesn't matter. You can use this principle I am about to reveal to you with direct mail, newspaper advertising, website marketing, TV advertising, radio or brochures.

Here's the secret? Find out exactly what people want to buy (emotionally) then offer it to them, with their emotional needs strongly considered.

But how do you find out what people truly want emotionally with accuracy? Here's the key. Instead of ASSUMING you understand what your customers want, simply ask them.

But don't just ask them by saying, 'what do you want in regards to our products or service' ? that won't reveal any startling revelations. Always remember, first comes the question, not the answer. In other words, the quality of your answers is determined by the quality of your questions.

Determining what are the highest quality questions you need to ask of your customers is the real skill. Understanding that all decisions are made by emotions, is what's most important to remember (and I just gave you a good question to ask your customers, did you notice?)

When you call to ask a previous customer? 'what was the most important thing to you in regards to buying X product/service' you will get a very good, emotion-based answer.

That's one of the best questions you can ask.

So the magic secret to finding out how to massively improve your marketing campaigns is to? survey your customers. Not your potential customers (unless you're about to start a business and don't have any customers).

By surveying your customers you will find out the most amazing things! You'll learn things about your business you would never have guessed.

Here's another great question to include in your customer survey, 'what did you like best about your buying experience with our company?'

And, 'why did you choose to buy from our company when you had others to choose from as well?'

Also, 'is there anything about our company's service that could be improved?'

As well as this emotionally revealing question? 'did you have any reservations about purchasing that our company helped you to feel comfortable with?'

Just one more question to ask people who don't buy from you? 'in order for us to improve our business would you mind telling us why you choose to go with another company over ours?'

I could keep going, but I am sure you're starting to see the power in surveying your customers to use for creating powerful marketing campaigns.

By carrying out surveys of previous customers with clients of mine, we have often doubled the response of their (already) very profitable newspaper advertisement! So this strategy of surveying your past customers to improve your marketing has real power.

To achieve great success with your marketing you need to carefully select the right words. Reading the top books on advertising like Tested Advertising Methods and Magic Words That Bring You Riches will help you enormously. This strategy is for people who have the basics but are looking for far greater success or even 100% success from all of their marketing.

Always remember, people always buy with their emotions and the more effective you are at identifying customers emotions during the process of buying the more effective you will be at getting sales, instead of your competitors.

You can design your advertising with so much emotional power and influence that people practically beg you to take their money when they call you, even without asking, 'how much does it cost!'

Tim Stokes is a master at educating people on do it yourself marketing success. His clients make huge profits from offline marketing, where they made no profit at all previously, believing advertising wouldnt work for their business.

Tim believes in teaching people how to market for themselves, not to do it for them to create dependency. He helps you with marketing plans and business growth plans to determine what will work for you in advance, before you spend your money!

To find out more about Tim's amazing marketing and business growth results go to or look for his other articles on sales and marketing at

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