Unleash the Power of Post Cards

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Direct mail marketing is essential for a business to survive.

Choosing the correct materials can make the difference between success and failure of your marketing campaign.

Postcards are visually appealing and one of the most affordable means to market your products and services.

What makes an image smarter marketing post card different from all the other direct mail pieces and postcards that flood our mailboxes each week?

They are high quality, powerful marketing tools that peak curiosity and evoke a response from the prospect.

What Is Image Marketing?

Image marketing isn't new. It's been around for decades.

Many of the top corporations around the world use image marketing every day.

RE/MAX uses "Nobody Sells Real Estate Like RE/MAX".

The RE/MAX balloon magically enables the realtor to personally deliver the good news regardless of where the client may be. This is a wonderful example of image marketing. These ads make evoke a feeling of trust. The message; RE/MAX goes all out to deliver top quality service to it's clients.

Nike's "Just Do It" brought them millions in revenue.

Remember Allstate's slogan "You're In Good Hands With Allstate"?

These are not mere words. They are powerful, image marketing tools that evoke an emotion. Using postcards to deliver your message is one of the most affordable ways in which you can use image marketing.

Realtors have been marketing with postcards for years. They use them because they get results.

What are Image Smarter Post Cards?

Image smarter postcards are high gloss, laminated, full color postcards, printed on high quality card stock which relay a message that stirs and emotion or causes a response in the recipient.

They deliver your message in a crisp, vibrant manner making it more appealing to the prospect.

An image smarter post card will:

>Grab the recipient's attention.

>Present a powerful message.

>Evoke a response

>Create recognition.

>Establish a relationship.

>Increase sales.

>Increase referrals.

The biggest asset of an image smarter postcard - your message is instantaneous!

No need for the recipient to have to open an envelope. Your message is right there in front of her nose. Both sides of the postcard contain a call to action and both sides are readily available.

Image Is Important.

First impressions mean everything in the business world. Add to this the importance of standing out from your competition and you see the need to use image marketing.

Incorporating image smarter marketing materials into your marketing campaing is more affordable than you may think and will reap you many rewards.

These powerful marketing materials relay will reflect a more dynamic, successful company image in the eyes of your prospects.

Don't settle for what I call "Cookie Cutter" marketing.

Many business owners fall prey to this form of advertising. Simply put, they use the same types of ads and materials they see their competition using. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Wake up and smell the coffee!

You need to stand out from your competition and be recognized for the products and services you offer.

You need to use marketing materials that are appealing and evoke an emotion in your prospects. You want your postcards to peak their curiosity. Simply put, you need to send image smarter marketing materials that are designed to GRAB your prospects attention.

Affordable and practical, these easily customized marketing wonders are one of the most reliable means by which you can skyrocket your business through increased sales and referrals.

The proof is in the pudding. Try it yourself by including image smarter post cards in your marketing campaign today and start working smarter, not harder.

Once you do, you will never use any other type of marketing again.

Image marketing ? it works!

?2005 Judith A. Wentzel - Image smarter marketing specialist providing image smarter web site design, marketing & business services. Assisting realtors & small business owners with their business and marketing needs since 1993.

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