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Face it, writing any article can be a tedious?and time consuming task for?a?beginner or even an expert writer. ? Here are four ways to make writing articles a lot easier: ? 1) Use My Articles - You could add your own name,
resource box and web site link to 199 of my prewritten
articles. You can even rewrite them if you want. Just
allow other people to republish them. For details visit: ? 2) Interview An Expert - You could interview an expert
in exchange for free publicity. Just ask them questions.
It could be about their personal and/or professional life.
You want the interview to be long enough to create an
article. ? 3) Excerpts Of Information - You could ask a writer or
publisher to use excerpts of their information to create
an article in exchange for giving them free publicity.
You both could share the resource box of the article. ? 4) Hire A Ghostwriter - You could hire a ghostwriter to
write an article for you. They would write it and you
could add your name as the author, a resource box
and your web site link.


Write Articles WITHOUT WRITING - Add your name,
small ad and web site link to 199 prewritten, rewritable
ezine articles! Just allow other ezine publishers and
webmasters to republish them! It's that easy! Just visit:

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