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There are hundreds of mortgage companies in the Jacksonville real estate market. All claiming to have the lowest rate and excellent customer service. Well, it is simple to figure out that if you are reading this information off of billboards or in an expensive yellows page adverisment, it is very possible this isn't so.

Very often, a real estate agent will refer a customer to me. I will ask the questions regarding their financial picture to determine credit worthiness. Then I will tell them the interest rate that I will be able to give them.

As an a Mortgage Broker I feel for sure that I have considerably more to offer my customers. Almost 100% of the time, I can offer them a lower rate, as well as give them a level of service that the big boy's just can't offer them! Service such as after hours or weekend appointments, mortgage programs that suit their needs, not just mine and a guaranteed closing date.

I have had borrower(s) contact me about a mortgage that told me that the big bank turned them down for one reason or another. After reviewing their credit with them I was able to offer the exact program that the big mortgage lender told them wasn't possible.

As a broker, I can offer the opinions of many companies credit views, not just one companies viewpoint on what is approvable and what isn't.

I can assure you that taking the time to contact the right mortgage broker, it may be possible for you not to only get a lower rate, but possibly it will be the difference in you being able to purchase the home of your dreams!

Glenn Keller is a veteran in the mortgage industry with experience in conforming, non-conforming, FHA and VA mortgages and offer online information to apply online and obtain personal contact information. Mortgagage loans available in Georgia, Florida and other states. Visit my website at

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