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Finding The Intangible

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This article is dedicated to novice entrepreneurs who are struggling to make sense out of the internet jungle they have invaded. Please point them in the right direction when they become lost. You have permission to publish this offering if you don't charge for it, and the resource box is left intact. It would be appreciated if you would notify me when you do at Total words 767.

The Bible speaks of people with eyes that don't see and ears that don't hear. It is referring to those who refuse to accept the truth. Sometimes we see but don't observe. Seeing often refers to understanding. This reminds us of many that attempt to make a living with an online business. The path to success is difficult for beginners to see.

Those that believe the claims that one can make a fortune as soon as they start an online business haven't accepted reality. There is nothing wrong with having a dream, but we need to see things as they really are. Any type of business on or offline takes a lot of energy and time before it pays off.

What part of a person is real, the face that stares back from the mirror? The appearance is a part of mankind but it doesn't reveal what a person is really like. That depends on their self-image, personality, their outlook on life, morals, faith, courage. In other words, the real part constitutes the things that cannot be seen with the eyes.

What is real about online success? The income from it is real but the qualities that produce it are intangible. They are difficult for the novice to pin down. Methods that work for one person may result in failure for another. Sometimes it amounts to doing the right thing at the right time. There is no substitute for experience.

You have to learn what is real. Real things are not artificial, fraudulent, illusory or apparent, they are fundamental, essential. Some things in the world seem real but they are illusory, like the deceiving tricks of magicians and the hype about getting rich quickly on the internet.

Beginners need advice from successful people who have their best interest at heart. Beware of those that just want to sell you their secrets that may not work for you. People become successful because they have followed carefully laid out plans. It amounts to cut and try methods and testing everything. It takes time, and hard work. You have to budget your money and survive difficult times. It is definitely not for everyone. You are the only person that can decide if it is for you.

You have to appeal to what is real to people. Whether we admit it or not, we operate on emotion. We buy with emotion and justify it with intellectual reasoning. You don't buy just any car, but the one you are in love with. That is why it is so important to know what people are looking for.

Make them want your product by appealing to their emotion. Paint a word picture in their mind about the joys of having it. You also have to make it logical for them to buy it. If they want it, and it makes sense to buy it, they will part with their hard earned cash. Give them a special deal if they will buy now. That will make it even more logical.

You have to learn how to use pay per click search engines. They can produce results, but you have to know what you are doing. It is possible to have a ton of responses but no buys, costing a fortune but not making a cent. It may be better to bid on the third or forth rather than the first to avoid a high cost. Getting advice from a successful entrepreneur is advised.

What parts of what you hear about becoming successful are real, and what parts are smoke and mirrors? Find out by trying different things to see what works. Don't spend much on anything until you see the results. Then spend more on what works well.

Lynn Bradley is also the author of the book, "Climbing the Heavenly Stairs." What you see is temporary. What is not seen is eternal. Since your soul is the only part of you that will last, you need to develop it to the fullest. Discover what Jesus said about being successful and living life to the full. Learn more at

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