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Ethical MLM, Network Marketing Work From Home Business Opportunity

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What do you do to find an honest, ethical and "real" home based business with an affordable startup cost and a realistic chance of success?

I figured that if I had this problem, then there must be millions of other people out there who were in the same situation. In order to satisfy that demand, Russell Gain formed the complete 60 minute money home franchise system that I am part of today. The system is so simple to operate that anyone with a high school education could be successful

My 60 minute money home business program will teach you exactly how you can build an international business from your home (no matter where you live!) using the identical, tried and tested internet tools and marketing systems that Russell has personally used every day to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits.

All you will need to supply is your labour, enthusiasm and a modest amount of capital, and I will supply everything else that you need to start your own proven in home business. All of the systems you will use have been tested and proven to be effective by other successful participants before you. This is the ideal turnkey solution for busy people who want to either earn an extra part time income or those who may want to find a way out of their corporate career and ultimately work for themselves after making a part time start around their current schedule.

What will I get when I join the 60 minute money home business program:

You will get access to a PROVEN SYSTEM that will allow you to start your own home-based, computerized business today! The system is actually a structured set of training tools that share with you the "tested formula" we are using to create wealth over the Internet. We teach you step-by-step how to take advantage of the growing Internet audience, as well as the growth of Internet shopping, and the growth of the vast numbers of people who are currently looking to capitalize on the fortunes created on the Internet. We provide you with a complete turnkey system that you simply plug into, much like a franchise.

That means that:

? you to get access to real exclusive, not-in-stores, patented consumable products with high profit margins and demand

? you will be able to use our complete suite of websites and mail order materials that are proven to create sales both off and online and do not require any further adjustment or improvement. The websites are securely hosted and you will have access to our personal live tech support department to help you with any problems you may encounter.

? You will have access to the personal training website that tells you exactly how to do everything that I know in order to be successful, including the exact wording and placement of personal advertising, live recordings of participants in the program talking to customers, precise instructions on how to structure and execute your marketing plan.

? You will get daily live training messages from Russell and other successful people using the program on exactly what they are doing to be successful.

? You will be able to access a network of live one day training seminars designed to help newcomers to the system

? I will be your personal coach to guide and help you to become successful.

? Most importantly, you will get a chance to succeed in an environment where your education, sex, race or your current financial situation is irrelevant. You will be able to succeed based on your own merits and hard work.

If you are currently employed, then this is the best time to take the first steps towards building a financial fortress around your family. If you have had the misfortune of losing your job or have been laid off it's time to get excited.

You can protect your family now by developing your own profit center today. You don't have to put your future at risk by relying on a corporation that may put you out on the street! So many others are succeeding with my 60 minute money program. Why not you? Why not now? Visit

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