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Guaranteed Tour Takers or Guaranteed Signups

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When you join a MLM opportunity they give you usually a couple of affiliate websites, copy of good ads, scripts to cal leads and lots of other things to help you. Then you're told to go out and tell your friends and family members about your business.

This is not how you want to build your business so you turn to the Internet. You find so many different things out there telling you to do this and do that and your business will explode. After you try a few things the only thing you got was a lighter pocket book. It takes time to learn how to recruit online and there very few that ever master it.

What even worse is down line building is a huge numbers game. Its going to take a lot of numbers just to find one good recruit because 90 to 95 percent of the new recruits wont do a thing.

Until know there's finally a solution. Automaticbuilder developed a new program called Guaranteed Tour Takers (sometimes known as Guaranteed Signups). They actually hired some top notch internet marketers to drive quality traffic to your site. You purchase Guaranteed Tour Takers in blocks of 100 and usually you will get between 5 to 15 signups. Which is excellent because most people don't even recruit one person. The best part of this new program every one can do the same thing so know you got 5 to 15 people doing the same thing. This just continues until you have 1000's of people in your down line.

Shane Woods, successful internet marketer creator of

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