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Network Marketing Tips - Same Number of Years In The Business, So Why Different Results?

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The first time i went for my network marketing business training, i watched as different business builders came on the stage to tell their business success stories. What i noticed was that, leaving those that operate their business part-time out, many of them have been in the business the same number of years but achieve different business results.

First off, i'll like to make something clear to whoever is reading this. Success ladder does not get crowded at the top. The successful people at the top will not impact your own business in any way.

In MLM the harder you work, the more successful you will become. It doesn't matter how you define harwork. If hardwork means sitting at your computer table generating hot leads or standing by the corner of the street distributing flyers, as long you are getting the message out there about your business and your company products.

Whichever way you choose to run your business you will always face rejections and other types of hardships. One thing is true in this business, the more rejection you face, the more successful you will become. So i don't know any reason why you won't want more rejections everyday.

If you think little, act little, do little training, go for little training, take little rejections, it means you will achieve little results. The top earners in our business have been through hardship before they finally get the results they desire. Are you preapared to go through the same.

Network marketing business is a number game. Talk to 100 people a day, get 1. Talk to another 100, get another one. That means if you talk to 10 people a day, it will take you 10 days before you can get 1. The higher the number of people you talk to, the more successful your business becomes. That is the universal law of average.

In mail order business, the author still gets very rich with a 2-5% success rate. Even though 95 out of 100 said no to the mail, the author still gets rich. Rejections does not matter. It only means someone somewhere is waiting for you. Don't take it personally, it might not be the right time in the life of the prospect.

Get your message out there, speak to more people, and you can then guarantee yourself a long-term financial security.

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