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Network Marketing Training - The Sounds of Extraordinary MLM Success

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What does MLM Success REALLY sound like?

Success basically in Network Marketing is a product of the right RESPONSE. It is all about getting people to respond to you in a manner that will help you obtain the outcome that you are looking for. (A sale or a recruit).

Most folks in Network Marketing REACT to what prospects say, not respond, and become defensive with a negative focus and words. And that is a problem many times in responding to what was actually said. And actually what you say back to them, is MORE important many times to your Success, than anything else said. What you say back to them paints a picture, and speaks volumes of who you are.

What would be the "Sounds of MLM Success" when you respond to what people say-especially negative people?

Here a a few examples:

1) "I understand."

These two words carry a lot of weight when someone is not on the same page as you with this industry, anti aging, weight loss, skin care, internet shopping, legal services, nutrition, or whatever it is. Do not argue. Take the high road, and say "I understand", and then move forward in letting them know that you appreciate their view, and ask. "Have you ever considered this?"

2) "Tell me about what happened."

Many times people may have had a bad experience with this industry, or people in it, and as a Network Marketer, you may want to let them vent and tell you what happened. And after the ranting and raving, say "I am glad you shared that with me. I would not want to be a part of anything like that either. That is why I am so thankful I found my company. Did you know?"

3) ""I know how you feel."

Let them know that if they have a problem with our industry, you would feel the same too. But what you discovered with your company totally changed your view on everything, because of the products, integrity, and future, and maybe they would feel differently if they found out that this industry does work, especially with your products and company. "I am not sure this is for you or not, but I would like to show you a company that does it right."

4) "I agree with you."

Agreement is a great neutralizer, and it makes the person feel understood. If they think weight loss products don't work, "I agree with you as most don't, and if you ever look for one or know someone who may want one, make sure it has a track record of success like my company does."

"I agree with you as the anti aging /nutrition/ skin care/legal services/weight loss industry does have products that totally do not work and should not be sold. But there are some that do work, and all I can tell you is what I know, and as for my company, it is amazing. Their products work like nothing I have ever experienced in helping people lead better lives."

5) "What if this would work for you?"

"What if the products worked, how would that change your perception ? What if the business worked? How would that change your lifestyle? We know it works, as people have proven that. What if it honestly worked for you?'"

6)" What is your plan to live the life you truly want to live? Tell me about it."

Tell me about it. I would love to hear as Success plans do truly excite me. Oh? You do not have one? Who sold you on not having one? Would you like some viable options to consider?"

7) "'You can do anything you want. This could be a life changing conversation for you if you let it."

"I believe in you. And even if you do not believe in yourself, lean on my belief until we build yours, as we build a future and incredible lifestyle together. How does that sound?"

Success usually comes from RESPONDING in a optimistic way to what people say, whether positive or negative. NEVER play verbal judo. Be sure that you ALWAYS respond in a manner that is:




And not react in a negative and defensive manner, which is the Sound --

and Echoes--

Of Mediocrity and Failure.

How is your MLM Success sounding today?

Blessings...Doug (c) 2005/ all rights reserved

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