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No Romance, No MLM Downline

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No Downline

No Downline, why bother?

If you were romancing a fine lady, would you walk up to her and say, "Hey babe, lets do dinner?"

I wouldn`t. That would not work.

It would work maybe 1 out 100 attempts.

Plus, testosterone doesn`t get you dates.

Having a heart gets you dates.

What I used to do (in the olden days) was pay her some extra attention.

I`d ask her if I could grab her a bagel while I was going for some noshing.

Small stuff.

But it worked.

Maybe even one of my pals would ask her,

"Have you talked much with Joe?"

You know, setting it all up.

It`s about romance.

You take it slow.

To go fast, go slow.

To go slow, go fast.

Now here we are on-line.

We are we all trying to do?

A: Build a residual check. B: Bag our jobs that we despise. C: Convert suspects to enrollees.

So what do we do?

Do we buy $179 worth of re-cycled leads?

Maybe. Then you slam and jam them into an auto-responder.

And why not?

Don`t the MILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$

Don`t the BIG SITES teach that?

Day one: Join our deal. Gimme $50

Day two: Buy my leads. Gimme nother $200

The PROBLEM with that scenario is this.

Easy come. Easy go.

Easy in. Easy out.

No integrity.

No one knows [even] why they joined.

Over 80% quit next month and no one.

Not once.

Mailed a tape.

No romance.

No live calls,

"hey, THANK YOU FOR joining me!"

No romance. Easy in.

Easy out.

I buy leads. Have to.

But only once per month.

To spice things up.

I also mail post cards I mail out tapes. You know.


I CREATE relationships.

I turn COLD suspects into my WARM MARKET friends.

I guess you could say I am as old fashioned as they come.

(when exactly did I get old anyway?)

Geez. I sound so "eighties."

Oh well. But my way works.

But "my way" isn`t my way.

It`s just use tried and true old school marketing.

I get people excited enough to consume MORE of the sales process.

I convert my COLD leads into WARM leads.

I am accessible.

I call folks. Make friends.

All I do is give my prospects time.

I, well, I romance them.


Like molasses guys.

Write this down.

To go fast, go slow. Ease it up.

To go slow, go FAST.

It`s not "Zen" either.

Just good old fashioned marketing.

You EXCITE and romance people to take the next step.

That way, they convince themselves

WHY they want to work with you.

Now they know WHY they joined you in the first place.

On-line, slamming "the numbers" is about no one knows anyone.

No one cares."

"Just work the numbers."

GREAT for the KINGS and GURUS.

You pay for their sites. You pay for their leads. You [even] JOIN their MLM! Not one MLM, but usually ALL THREE!

And that puts you forever on the BUYERS SIDE.

And guess what bucko`s!

The money isn`t there.

The MONEY is on the sellers side.

Not the buyers side.

You know.

The food chain.

Be on the wrong end of it and

"Opps, poor me, I never made a penny."

My LATEST revelation is so refined that I chose not to make it readily available.

I won`t win any popularity votes here.

Oh well.

This is the truth. Mine anyway.

Dare I remind you NOT TO GIVE UP.

I believe in you. Most people give up inches before the big pay day.

This industry is a tad nutty.

So are most marriages. So are most families. So are most jobs.

It`s called life.


Hail to the Chief,

God bless our Troops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good old AMERICANISM still works today.


But have integrity.

Stand for something guys or you will fall for anything.

No romance. No downline.

Fast and furious isn`t the business. Spending $50 per enrollee is



Having to BUY leads that convert at the PRICE of $50 to $100 per enrollee is not the business I signed up for back in 1988.

To Your Success,

Joe Schroeder

P.S. I`ve been around the block. Don`t get taken for a ride guys.

Too many rides and you will BUY yourself out of your dream.

THINK about that!


NO downline

To go FAST, you go slow.

Joe has authored 32 audiotapes, eight manuals, booklets, featured on the cover of Upline Magazine and Six Figure Income Magazine.

Find out what Joe recommends for generic training and leads by visiting

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