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Tips for Success in Network Marketing

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Network marketing has a fantastic range of business opportunities. First find the best business for you. Then write down your goals. Next decide on your time lines to reach your goals. With known goals and timelines you can build a written plan for your business.

Have a Written Plan

An airplane uses most of its' fuel at take off. Network marketing is similar. You need to put in a huge effort to get your business off the ground. If you remain consistent in your efforts your home business will fly. If you are inconsistent you will be stopping and starting. You will use up so much fuel on each take off that you will burn out before you reach cruising level. Don't finish work until you achieve your goals for that day. Do not compromise.

Follow your written plan. Draw a line down the side of your diary page. Mark non negotiable times. For example when you will do Personal Development, follow up calls, advertising and for how long. Stick to your time limits. Also write down the things that you must achieve for the day. This gives you a visual reminder of your Daily Method of Operation (DMO). This is a simple way to keep a daily check on your time management skills.

Plan Your Time Wisely

Decide on the areas of your activity that give you the most return. Continually ask yourself "Is this activity directly and positively related to retailing or recruiting? Don't lose your self in the unimportant activities. Remember the 80/20 rule. This states that 80% of your business will come from 20% of your work, 20% of your customers will provide 80% of your sales. So it is imperative that you concentrate on the 20% and do not getting lost in the 80% that is not important. Structure your time so that it is invested where you achieve the best rate of return for your home based business.

Realize that we all have a continual responsibility to grow, learn and improve ourselves. Commit yourself to at least 1 hour of personal development a day. This can be fun and easily achieved. Always have a positive cd/tape playing in your car. When you do gardening, housework or exercise, make sure you are listening to personal development tapes/cd's at the same time. Don't make it a chore. Make it a fun and integral part of your day. How your business will grow is directly related to your personal growth. You need to work harder on yourself than you do on your business.

Treasure Your Down Line

In order to build a successful network marketing business you need to build a great down line. Give them confidence and belief in themselves. Show them you believe in them more that they believe in themselves. Care more about their business than you do about your own. Encouraging their success will automatically build your business. Give the most time to the people who deserve it, not those that want it.

It things are not going right don't blame your down line. Look in the mirror and find where you could have done it better or differently. If you take this approach you will have a strong team with a high retention rate.

Therefore choose the best business opportunity for you. Take responsibility for your business. Have written goals and a realistic plan. This plan will lead you to your goals. Continually work on self-improvement. Caring for your down line will build a strong organisation. Follow this advice and watch your home based business soar.

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