5 Ways To Make Your Adwords Ads Outshine Your Competitors

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Google Adwords is a very good place to promote your business on the Internet. It allows you to target for specific keywords, allowing you to to promote right product to the right audiences.

However, as more and more players promote their ads on Adwords, it becomes very hard to get your ads noticed. Here's are 5 ways how to make your ads outshine your competitors':

1- Use the keyword in your ad title

Let's say you're bidding on the keyword 'ecover software', make sure you use the keyword in the title. When someone search on Google for 'ecover software', the percentage they'll see your ad is higher because the keyword in your ad will appear in bold.

2- Use capitalization

Use capital letter on the first letter of every word. Instead of writing your ad like this: 'make money from home', try this 'Make Money From Home'.

3- Use numbers wherever possible

People love numbers. Instead of: 'Make Money From Home', you can try 'Make $897 Weekly From Home'.

4- Benefits, benefits, benefits

People look for product that can solve their problem. So your ad must use words that emphasize more on benefits. Instead of saying 'our ecover software is the best', you can say 'Create Amazing eCover With A Single Click'.

5- Don't put affiliate status anymore

In the past Google required marketers who promote affiliate products to mention their affiliate status. But with the recent Adwords policy, you don't have to. Delete the word 'aff' and use the extra space for other words. Besides, by hiding your affiliate status, this will encourage more people to click on your link.

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