Creating Revenue Without Much Effort, Set It And Forget It Online

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Earning more revenue from your website is the goal of most webmasters. However, this is time consuming and with so many things to do options are what you need.

There are so many great ways to increase your sites revenue. To name a few: Adsense, Adbrite and BlogAds. These sites all provide third party sponsored link programs. You run the ads, people click and you get paid. Seems simple right? Now it's time to get creative and make even more money while offering a great service.

Rather than creating daily articles so your site has enough pages and content find yourself a feed to automatically generate page content for you.

Lets say your website is only 10 pages and you don't have the time to create more pages to expand your site. There is a creative soluation. First, you need to locate a content feed so you have enough pages on your site. Next, you need to find a third party sponsored link site who will deliver text or banner ads.

If you are still with me you will have two snippets of code provided by two services: a content service and a sponsored link service. Two services working together to make your site money.

Andrew Hillman is an experience web marketer who runs a free classified advertising site.

Increase your site revenue by implementing PlugStar AdMash? ( This program provides website publishers with a simple way to make additional revenue per month by seamlessly mashing together frequently updated classifieds powered by PlugStar with third party advertising programs like Google AdSense, Yahoo Ads, Adbrite, Blog Ads, Kanoodle etc.

AdMash? ( ) will enhance your site with additional pages that will create more ad revenue. Once you generate and copy our feed go to your favorite sponsored ad site and do the same then mash the two codes together and you will instantly have revenue generating sponsors running along side quality classified ads powered by

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