PPC Search Engines Revealed - 5 Things You Need to Know

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The pay per click (PPC) search engines have created a new way for websites to advertise and increase traffic to their sites and it is very affordable. There are a variety of things about PPC search engines you should know so read the following suggestions and educate yourself on PPC advertising. Once you know how pay per click advertising works, you will be able to utilize this affordable advertising tool to increase your website traffic.

Tip #1 - PPC Search Engines

Also known as pay per click, these networks allow websites to place ads on their search pages targeting a particular keyword or keyword phrase. The website owner does not have to pay for the advertising unless a visitor actually clicks on the ad and is taken to their web page. Because of this, these search engines and advertisements are known as pay per click because you only pay when someone clicks on the ad.

Tip #2 - Bidding for Advertisements

Generally, when it comes to PPC advertising, you will submit your maximum bid for advertising based on the keywords you are interested in advertising for. You will then be listed on the search page when your particular keyword or keywords are searched for. However, where you rank in the bidding process will depend on whether you were the highest bidder, second highest bidder, and so on and so forth. For this type of marketing campaign it is important that you are close to the top, at least within the top four, so keep this in mind when bidding.

Tip #3 - Choosing a PPC Search Engine

Many search engines offer PPC advertising, but to get the most exposure you will obviously want to advertise with the larger, more popular ones. You can do some research online to find out which are the best and then submit your bid for the keywords you are interested in buying advertising for. Remember, the bidding process is more competitive with the larger search engines, so keep this in mind.

Tip #4 - Click Fraud

Since you pay per click with this type of advertising, you can run into a situation known as click fraud. This happens when your competitors click on your ad as many times as possible in order to run your account dry. This eats up your advertising budget and does not allow you to reach people who are really interested in what you are selling. If you suspect this is happening, inform the PPC search engine immediately as there are things that can be done to help you.

Tip #5 - Keywords

So you know the keywords that are the most used to search for your product, however they are really popular and you find yourself entering a bidding war on a small budget. Do not do this. Instead, switch to cheaper keywords. You will still get many hits and you won't deplete your budget.

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