Ten Helpful Little Tips For New Parents

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The Greatest Gifts in Life, which are always created for free, but never come with instructional guide, are your children. The following suggestions may help any new parents feeling blessed by the birth of their first baby, but also feeling overwhelmed by this wondrous experience.

1 - You cannot love, hug, kiss, cuddle, or hold your newborn too much. He needs your affection to feel safe in a world that's all new to him.

2 - This tiny person is totally dependent on you for everything in his life. He cannot survive without you.

3 - Establish a routine. Your baby needs to be able to count on certain activities occurring around the same time each day. Feeding, naps, fun and affection should be a part of every

4 - Sleepless nights may seem never-ending as your newborn awakens you with his cries. But time will fly by and your baby won't be a baby for long. Treasure each moment of this experience.

5 - Nobody can teach you how to be a parent. You will learn on the job. Trust your instincts. Nobody knows your baby better than you.

6 - Being a parent will be the most challenging and most rewarding experience of your life. Cherish every day with your child.

7 - A child is not a possession or a toy or someone to take for granted. A baby is a blessing.

8 - Respect your child's father or mother whether you're still married to them or not. Your baby will remember how you treat each other. Children learn by example.

9 - Being a parent is at minimum an 18 year commitment. You can't quit halfway through.

10 - Your life will never be the same. Respect the value of this little miracle and remember he will always be a part of you. Nothing in the world should compete with your commitment to love your child.

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