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Palm PC critique

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I met an entrepreneur who hole heartedly disagree with an article in Advertising Age by Bradley Johnson that Palm Pilot can keep their market share through brand name. We discussed RIMM Research in Motion and my stock in that company and I defended the wireless venue, but he went into a tirade, luckily I used a digital recorder and got most of it; basically here is his critique:

"That grip has already eroded by Palm PC makers and clones. Palm PC will become the format of choice. The only way for Palm to survive is to be down side protected by making both systems and trying to somehow connect the dots and make them interactive. That is their only hope. Unfortunately with such a previously high burn rate, layoffs of their best and brightest R and D people this is not possible. I see further erosion and am proud to announce we have long ago already chosen our weapon of choice.

We chose Palm PC units because Microsoft who has extended its reach into markets such as satellite TV, communication, cell phone technology, Internet will be primarily designing software that work on the Palm PC based systems and therefore better opportunity in the future with regards to video cell phones, satellite broad band will come from chip makers, retailers and software designers on the Palm PC side. Besides the Palm Pilot people are more interested in short term shareholders equity and quarterly profits than any long-term benefits to productivity of small business or customer enhancements of epic proportions.

Palm stock is dead stop trying to make a dead cat bounce, party is over and we the consumers are sick of the promises and hype and bull shit. We want what you promised and we are tired of waiting. We thank Microsoft for fulfilling your empty promise to the stock market and consumers. That is us, we vote with our dollars, and your sales are down by 47% for a reason and it is not the rivals it is your incompetence and failure to innovate. You have wasted our time and hurt the possibility of efficiency increase to every small business person in America from my realtor to my hair cutter, from the Avon lady to the small and medium contractor. Palm you suck wind, you lied, you burned through millions of dollars now you cite Brand name as your savior? Your Brand Name is MUD.

As far as Advertising Age is concerned it figures you would have them stick up for you after all the money you blew through promoting and hyping your bull. That is okay advertising firms are dieing right along with you. Our team needed your wireless PDA technology the day you announced it, you spent all your money telling everyone what you were going to do, instead of getting busy, taking care of business and doing it. Sorry is too late, you failed not because of Microsoft but due to your failure to deliver to the customer and wasteful management. You deserve nothing, Next. I just feel sorry for all the duped investors of your stock who took the fall with you. See Ya Palm!!! This is one team that saw through the BS the day your PR hit the streets. You will fall just like Irridium, CMGI, Global Crossing, and Richochet. The only question is can someone buy you out, pay the back losses of your mistakes and still come out a winner against the odds you created for yourself. Doubtful?"

I would be glad to give you the name of my associate, but such a tirade is enough and I am certain he would not wish to have his identity revealed after lambasting that company. Let's just say he is a close business associate who is opinionated as all get out. Anyway if you have thoughts on the PDAs and the new wireless technologies you might disagree, but it is always good to get that second opinion, think on it.

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