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Creating Your Desires

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Say aloud:

I AM. I AM Consciousness. I AM the creator of my world. Consciousness is the Creator of my world. The body, made of elements, is a vehicle to navigate this place called: The world. Consciousness IS. Consciousness is Cause. I identify myself as Cause/Consciousness.

I AM the sole creator of everything in my life. All thoughts are creative. I accept my Real Self. When I accept myself as Cause, I accept responsibility for the contents of my consciousness. I create the results.

Become ONE with your desire. Have you ever heard the phrase-You are what you eat? How can that be? You attain Vibrational Harmony with the food you eat.

Becoming ONE with your desire is the action to the words. I AM [wealthy]. The behavior is in your Attitude/State of Mind, which needs to be aligned with receiving your desires.

Notice the word Behave. BE, HAVE.

? Proclaim your desire! Tell everyone, who will pull you towards your desire.

? Write your desire in clear detail.

? Visualize your desires in clear detail.

? Plant a desire seed- a plant, sapling, daily ritual, fish bowl, which may or may not be connected with your desire, but which needs your daily tender loving care.

? Learn about another's desire and if it's within your means, fulfill it as soon as possible.

? Free yourself of fears. Make a list of all fears associated with your desires and address them immediately! Let your desires soar!

? Visualize yourself living with your desire. Attend immediately to any remedial the future perspective suggests.

? Seek blessings from-family/friends, well-wishers, and all powers that you believe in.

? Take the first step immediately. Take next steps, which commit you to your desire and take it immediately! Concentrate on each step. Avoid focusing on the distance you need to travel.

? Seek support-tangible and intangible.

? Release yourself to belief!

? Open doors and windows to allow life to reach out and interact with you!

? Declare aloud-I will receive the miracle!

? Detach from the result. The process is a miracle; acknowledge it! Acknowledge the love you exist in-accept it as a gift! Simply love creating your life. What you give; you give to life. What you receive, you receive from life!

? Surrender all confines of logic. Exercise your will!

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is a Regression Therapist, Spiritual leader and author of "If I'd Only Known?Sexual Abuse in or out of the Family: A Guide to Prevention." She conducts face-to-face and phone sessions. 480-704-0603

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