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We All Send Signals

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Think for a moment about all of the signals people send. As much as some try we cannot compartmentalize our lives. We are all affected by our spirituality, our intellect, our emotions, and our physical ability, and each area of our lives affects the other.

Our bodies send signals of all kinds to those around us, and even to our own soul. Did you know that the word psychology is named after the Greek word psyche, which is literally the study of the soul? Who we are cannot be separated from our bodies.

Recently one of my clients was speaking at length about eye contact and it's importance, another signal. How we carry ourselves as we walk fast or slow, straight or hunched over is a signal that can tell others at least a couple of things about who we are.

Reacting to others, living in fear, being angry or self- defeating can send signals of a disorderly notion.

If we are willing to be intimate, friendly, show mutual respect and have a loving rapport with others tells a story about us through signals.

Our tone of voice sends a signal.

The point is, whether we recognize it or not everything we do, or in some cases don't do, sends a signal to others around us.

That is why I chose "Signals" as my company name because of the significance of signals we send others as well as the signals we send ourselves. After all, everything we do is filtered through our belief systems.

Diann Cannon, founder of Signals Personal and Business Coaching, works with individuals facing major life transitions, such as divorce, unemployment or career change. She helps them identify their strengths and confront limiting beliefs and behaviors. Ultimately, she helps people achieve success and balance in their business and personal lives. Contact Diann and sign up for her newsletter at

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