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Where Do You Get A Positive Attitude You Asked?

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How are you? Where do you get a positive attitude you asked?

Well, let's see...

It is not easy to stay positive considering the troubles of the world. We might feel selfish when we are trying to reach a higher level of happiness in our life.

Consider this, the world won't be a better place if you keep focusing on the negative, it won't make it better. Do yourself a favor, start to see the positive in your life, in your surrounding, you will touch at least one person, you.

Here are a few questions you may ask yourself, it will help you see the brighter side of life:

Am I grateful?
Do you stop and look at the small details? Isn't it amazing to have warm beds, cold milk in the refrigerator, to have the gift of sight? Too often we forget how blessed we are. Do you appreciate what you have?

Often I have a moment during the day where I realized how lucky I am to have a job, a used car or just to have good shoes to wear. Be conscientious of the small stuff that makes your life - well your reality.

Do I see the bright side?
Everybody has his or her part to play in life. Sure, Jane my neighbor might nag often about the chipped fence that I own, but on the bright side, she has the most beautiful gardens in blocks. I love looking out my window and seeing all those pretty flowers. I am looking at Jane's good side and overseeing the nagging part.

This is rather a small example; perhaps there is someone at work that is rubbing you the wrong way. Try to find the positive side of that person; is this person driven, fair, reliable? Try to see the good qualities in people and let them know too.

Am I eating enough?
Isn't it great to have food on our tables? We are provided with tons of grocery stores willing to satisfy every taste bud in our mouth at any moment. Aren't you grateful? I am. Oranges year round. Fresh bread. Ethnic food.
-Stop and think about it.- It's amazing!

Where do I live?
Did you decorate your home with nice pictures? How about the color of your walls or the design on your carpet, aren't they beautiful? Look around. Isn't it cozy, warm, doesn't it make you feel secure? If it doesn't bring you any of those feelings, why not change it to something that will make you feel good.

Surround yourself with beautiful things, personalize it; make your environment a happy one.

Recognize all your blessings. Change the perception of your world into a fulfilling place that you want to be in. Make it your reality. Optimism is a choice we make, everyday.

It is been proven that changing your negative attitude to positive will enhance the meaning of your life and will actually result in an extended existence. Positive thinking and positive attitude improve your feeling of well-being, attract companionships, and overall improve our daily experiences.

Simply see the positive in you, in people, in your environment, in life and you will find yourself with a new positive attitude.

It's not what happens to you, It's what you do about it.
"Taking responsibility for change" - W. Mitchell from the book "It's not what happens to you. It's what you do about it."

There are really only three types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say, what happened??Ann Landers

Are you optimistic?

Leinny D.
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