Do You Love Your Body?

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Through out the course of one's life one is faced with and accumulates a history of emotional trauma that becomes stored in ones's energy field. Such trauma poses many problems. These include such things as emotional and physical pain, chronic stress, a drain in one's vital life energy and the tendency for the individual to take flight from the physical body. In this article I hope to address the latter, its consequences and a new modality that may be able to reverse this tendency.

What does taking flight from the physical body look like phenomenologically? Commonly it is experienced as a feeling of numbness to the pain. With more significant trauma it takes the form of a dissociative episode. This phenomenon is typically seen in what was previously called Multiple Personality Disorder i.e. where an individual would spontaneously shift from one personality to another as a result of some disturbing emotional trigger. The purpose of the new personality is usually to isolate and suppress the emotional pain that exists in the original personality. In more serious cases one can experience actually leaving the physical body. Such examples include out of body experiences and near death experiences.

Metaphorically it is like trying to put a wall between one's self and a raging fire so that the heat of the fire is not felt. In each case the purpose is the same i.e to protect one's self from feeling overwhelmed by the pain. In each case however the impact on the physical body is detrimental. In order to appreciate why this is so it is necessary to first understand exactly who or what is being separated from the emotional pain that lives in the physical body. Very simply it is the experience of one's Core Self.

So what is being said here is that there is one Self, the Core Self, that is being "forced" out of the physical body in order to avoid feeling the vast accumulation of emotional pain that exists there. This Self is also what some might call the Spirit or Soul of the individual. This Self is also the source of one's vital life energy i.e. the energy that is required to support the physical body in a healthy and vital state. So in effect when the Spirit is being forced out of the physical body by the emotional pain that exists there there is less life energy left in the body to support it.

If the Spirit is completely forced out of the body, and there is no other energy readily available to support it then the body dies. From an experiential standpoint this is equivalent to one giving up on life i.e. on the body.

It becomes necessary now to point out that it is the accumulated negative emotional and physical (which also has a negative emotional component connected with it) pain that eventually forces the Spirit and vital life energy from the body. As human beings we have come to accept this as a normal process and consider it the cycle of life.

I would like to point out however that now there is a new tool that has the capacity to not only reduce the emotional pain stored in the body (i.e. actually the body's bio-energetic field) but to release it completely and permanently.

What effect will this have on the process described above? Well from over 10 years of experience using this tool, which I call the Mind Resonance Process(TM)(MRP), it is becoming evident that the tendency to want to seek refuge from the body is reduced significantly. Additionally overall stress is reduced, vital life energy is significantly enhanced, the body begins to heal and look younger, and the joy for a full and lengthy life returns.

I am currently in the process of conducting research on MRP to see whether it can slow and or reverse the aging process. For instance, correlates of the aging process are seen in declining DHEA levels and testosterone levels in middle aged men. I hope to show that MRP has the capacity to reverse these trends.

Nick Arrizza M.D. is an Energy Psychiatrist, Healer, Researcher, Author of "Esteem for the Self: A Manual for Personal Transformation" (found at:, Developer of the powerful Mind Resonance Process(TM), Speaker. He holds international teleconferences and telecoaching sessions on the use of MRP to enhance emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing as well as overall performance.

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