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How To Dramatically Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

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This Article Is For Those Who Understand How Persuasive Communication, Public Speaking, And The Ability To Connect With And Influence Others? Deeply Impacts?

? Your Career, Your Income, And Your Financial Future

? Your Relationships, Your Family, Your Marriage

? Your Health, Your Fitness And Your Well-Being

? Your Enjoyment of Life And Your Ability To Have Fun

? Your Overall Sense Of Self and Your Self-Regard

And This Article Is For Those Who Want To Learn The Conscious and Unconscious Communication Strategies, Beliefs and Skills Of Legends Like Elvis Presley, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King and Rudy Giullani.


There are defining moments in the history of every nation?and there are defining moments in the course of the life of every human being. Your life and mine are no exceptions. So, I am writing you with the belief that this might be one of the most important letters you will ever read in your life. As for why, I'll get back to that.

For now, when you think of, say, extraordinary communication, public speaking or charisma, what comes to your mind? And by the way, what is "public speaking" really? Is it perhaps something much different than most people think of it as? And how important is it for you to improve your skills to influence individuals and groups of people?

The Stage Presence of Elvis Presley

Now, when you think of "speaking publicly," whom do you think of? Sometimes I think of Elvis Presley, often referred to simply as "The King." Elvis Presley was much more than a Rock and Roll legend. "The King" was one of the most charismatic and memorable personalities to ever take the stage and own it! And for over twenty-five years after his death, he still captivates millions upon millions!

I Have A Dream!

Or how about Martin Luther King, defying the current conditions of his time and declaring to the world, "I Have A Dream." King met race, religion and raging emotions with his passion to communicate one on one or to the audiences he held spellbound, in whatever manner that was useful for his desired outcomes.

Teach Me To Communicate? And I'll Own My World

And what about the extraordinary Helen Keller? Someone whose ability to communicate early on was in such stark contrast with the level of communication skills she demonstrated, after being taught by the great Anne Sullivan. Helen Keller stands out as a monument to every human being's ability to learn how to communicate on genius levels. And did you know that even in the early 1800's, Helen Keller was commanding fees up to $2,000 per week because she developed her speaking skills to the level that warranted such earnings?

Mayor To An Entire Nation

More recently, many think of former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giullani. Named as Time Magazines 2001 Person of the Year, Giulani marshaled all of his resources to respond to the September 11th crisis. He literally not only had New York City, but an entire nation following his lead. What mastery of communication and interpersonal skills! Beginning with how he internally responded to the challenges at hand (self-communication) and moving into speaking with and communicating with others, Giullani took charge and produced a masterpiece that will forever be a cornerstone of the legacy he leaves behind.

What About You?

Now, how do you rate your communication skills, whether speaking to one person, to a small group, or to a vast audience? More importantly, much more importantly, where would you like your skills to be? What do you believe yourself to be capable of in this regard?

The fact is, that your life and what you get out of your life, hinges upon your ability to have rapport with yourself and those you desire to influence, moment by moment. Are you in a useful state mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?useful for the context of the moment? How clear are you with yourself in regards to the outcome or outcomes you are going for? How important is it to your future to master all this?

Can you get "instant rapport" with yourself and whomever you desire? Can you maintain that rapport as you move fluidly towards your desired outcome? How well can you calibrate each person or the entire group, as you unconsciously take in thousands and thousands of bits of vital information?

What are your beliefs and values regarding yourself and your ability to communicate with a specific person (even if that person is you!) or a group? How will your beliefs affect your performance in that interview? For that job you want? For that promotion you deserve? For that pivotal sales presentation?

Your Beliefs And Your Communication Effectiveness

And even more importantly, for connecting with your loved ones on an ongoing basis? How do your current beliefs affect your ability to lead your children to useful and healthy places? Do not let anyone kid you?your beliefs and values matter. How will you build your relationship with your life partner to the place that reflects higher levels of health, fulfillment and happiness?

Flexibility Is Key

How flexible can you be, on conscious and unconscious levels, verbal and otherwise, as you continue to elicit a response from those you are communicating with? Children are the most flexible of all, are they not? The most resolute in reaching their desired outcome...because when they know what they want, nothing will stop them! Now, what useful skills, beliefs, values, and behaviors are they modeling for us?

Sometimes I ask others the question, "why not have it all?" And most often, the initial response I get is that of cynicism, disbelief and even fear! Not once, not once, has anyone ever asked me what I mean by the question.

In case you are wondering, here is part of what I mean?since we do not know what we are truly capable of, why not go for all that we desire! Why not? Why not test our self and push the envelope, so to speak? Why not become and achieve all that we are capable of becoming and achieving?

And now we are back to how to "speak publicly and enjoy!" Because it all begins?and ends? with or ability to speak effectively, first with ourselves, and then with others. No matter the size or occasion of the "group.

Now, if boosting and accelerating your skills to reach and move others is important to you, you can find someone to model...someone that has the skill set, beliefs and values that you desire to acquire.

A number of years ago I began to model Carmine Baffa, Ph.D, someone who has literally mastered the art of communicating with integrity, wisdom and effectiveness. And mastered it on levels that will shock you. I have seen Carmine Baffa, Ph.D, creator of Human Performance Engineering ? hold individuals and groups, small and large, in the palm of his hand, time after time after time?simply put, when Carmine enters a room, everything changes.

Why? In part, because Carmine has the ability to have rapport with anyone he desires to have rapport with. Children, adolescents, adults, it does not matter. Female, male, it does not matter. C.E.O, parent, gang member, millionaire, penniless and homeless, it does not matter. Why not give yourself the opportunity to model someone who does this on a routine basis?

The fact is that Carmine operates from a place of deep caring and respect for each person that comes into his space. And when they are in his space, he exists for them, and them alone. He marshals his vast experience, his skill, his genius, to give to that person or group what they are most needing at the time. And nothing will stop him from doing just that. Just ask me sometime about what I have witnessed to this effect. But that's Carmine.

What about you?

Begin today! Take a step in the direction of your dreams. Why? Because you can.

All the best!

Alan Allard

P.S. Get started today. Do something, anything...because doing something is more useful than not doing something.

Alan Allard is a Life and Business Coach offering private coaching, seminars and keynote presentations. He teaches others how to accelerate reaching levels of unconscious competency that takes them well beyond their current level of success. Alan has a masters degree and post graduate training in Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Family Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

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