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If You Arent a Little Nervous, You Arent Paying Attention

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The fear of public speaking is one of the most common forms of phobia. That would be fine if this fear did not hold you back in your social and career advancement.

The opposite of fear is confidence. Here are a few ways to approach the whole terrifying concept of public speaking that will help bring the fear down and bring the confidence up.


One of the reason we are nervous or even down right afraid of speaking in public is because we don't want to look foolish. A major key to avoiding this is to be prepared. Research your topic. Even if you are an expert on your subject, do a little research. This will keep your approach fresh and interesting. I like to have more information than I can cover in the time allotted.

Begin to become an expert on your subject. I didn't say to become THE expert, just an expert. Over the next few years, you will all become an expert on something. Most people become an expert on a television rerun, a reality show or a sporting event. If you choose, you can become an expert on a subject of much more value.

Prepare and you will not be as nervous.


Putting your public speaking project into perspective will help your nerves immensly. Choose not to be intimidated by your audience. I admit that this is easy to say and hard to do, but it is a good place to start. Your audience will gain benefit from your presenation. Many of the people you speak to will even be impressed!

I know many of you have heard the old saying about how to overcome nervousness when speaking to an audience. Remember to picture your audience in their__________________.

In their UNDERWEAR!!! NO, NO NO! What kind of groups have you been speaking to??

I would prefer that you picture them in their seats, enjoying your very entertaining and informative speech. Underwear? you really have a lot of work to do.

Positive self talk

Positive self talk is an amazing habit to get into. For most people our self talk is very negative. We call ourselves names that we would never allow another person to call us. When I make a mistake, one of the first words to my mind is usually IDIOT! Ouch. That is a great way to make yourself fell inadequate and become more nervous in a speaking situation.

Practice positive self talk. I tried this one time. I was on my way to a speech contest and I was very nervous. I took some time to begin my positive self talk.

I said;

"Steve Brummet is a great speaker"

That felt good, so I tried it again. I said;

"Steve Brummet is an entertaining and informative speaker"

Ooh getting better! Then I said;

"People love to hear Steve Brummet talk"

All of a sudden my regular self talk reared up and said "YEA, but not as much as Steve Brummet likes to hear himself talk!"

Be careful with that self talk.

Deal with the fear and your public speaking skills will take off taking your business and career advancement along for the ride.

Steve Brummet is a communication expert, writer and speaker.

Steve's company specializes in working with organizations of all types to help their people increase productivity and profit and decrease stress by improving communication skills. As a writer, Steve has been published in Parenting Success, People of Faith and Steve says his clients include a Lions Club in Sherman Texas, his mother in law's ladies group and SOMETIMES his wife and four children will listen to him for JUST a little while.

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