How To Seduce A Woman The Right Way

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Gentlemen, if you really want to seduce a woman the right way, you have to make everything revolve around her. Everything!

The seduction starts long before you get into bed together. It starts with your approach. Get rid of the corny lines and any false pretenses. Women aren't stupid. (they're actually smarter than us, guys) and they can smell a phoney a mile away.

Simply make sure you're well groomed and smell nice, then just talk to her naturally. Talk about her, not yourself. Remember, the key is making her feel special. And don't try to hit a home run the first night. Make a date for another night.

If she likes you, you'll know it. She may even give you her phone number without you asking for it.

When you meet her for your date, bring a dozen red roses. And take her to dinner at a nice restaurant, not your local burger joint.

Also, be a gentleman. That means opening her car door, holding doors for her, pulling out her chair at the restaurant, taking her coat, etc.

During dinner, focus all of your attention on her. Look directly into her eyes while you're talking to her. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT look at any other women while you are with her.

And whatever you do, DO NOT TOUCH HER, unless she initiates contact first.

During dinner, she will give you signals about whether or not you will have the honor of spending time with her intimately. You're already half way home, because she liked you enough to go out with you in the first place.

And as long as you don't do something ridiculous or embarrassing during dinner, you should make out just fine.

Jumping ahead to your place or her place. Don't be in a rush to make something happen. Sit and talk with her for a while and let things progress naturally. At some point you will end up kissing her. Kiss her with controlled passion. Don't jam your tongue down her throat!

Suggest giving her a massage and rub her body gently, using nice circular, sensual motions. Make sure you massage her both front and back. Eventually, you want to start gently kissing all over her body, slowly working down to her clitoris.

Again, it's important not to rush. Begin licking her clitoris in a slow, circular motion. Be gentle. She'll let you know if she wants you to apply more pressure. Keep licking her clit while playing with her breasts at the same time. Develop a nice steady rthym and eventually you'll bring her to an orgasm.

Some women get really sensitive after having an orgasm and will ask you to stop. However, if she doesn't stop you, just keep going bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. At some point she will want to pleasure you. And when she does, you are going to experience one of the most pleasurable nights of your life. I guarantee it!

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