Thinking Lingerie on Super Sunday?

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February will bring with it one of the most important days all the whole year. Which day it is generally depends on gender. Super Sunday or Super Boyfriend?

While the men will be waiting in anticipation for the big game, the ladies will be preparing for another day of supposed disappointment. They will let you and the boys have your day in the sun, only for you to forget about the day that they will crown their Most Valuable Player.

This year could be different though. If you have been riding the pine during the last few seasons, you might be able to get in for that all important last minute shot. Practice makes perfect, remember!

Practice starts today. The best coaches figure out the game plan with plenty of time before the big day. They do their research and talk to their scouts weeks before the whistle.

Valentine's comes up fast, and the best way to tackle it is to figure out your plan early. Head to the mall or do your shopping on the internet. Make sure to have her surprise stashed in a great place, and don't give it away. Then pull your sneak play when she least expects it.

The traditional gifts make for the some of the best. If it has worked for others, chances are it will continue to wow the crowd. Chocolates and candies come in many different varieties suitable for a cross town rivalry. Find the ones that she likes best. Flowers, especially roses, will bring her in for a close huddle. Lingerie, like panties and bras, just might lead to a little overtime excitement.

Whatever you decide for your lady this year put your heart and soul into it. She might even let you consider those season tickets!

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