The Reign of Insanity

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I know you want to kill me, and I wish to do all I can to help you succeed. Well? that would be insane, but what about this?

I know you want to kill my children, destroy my country, and erase all historical evidence of our existence, and I want to do everything I can to help you achieve your goals.

Would that be the epitome of insanity? If the leaders of your country were doing these things would you cry out "Treason"? That is exactly what is happening in Israel today, and Israeli's are left stunned wondering what can be done to stop the insane leaders who have wrestled complete control over the government, military, and economy of Israel.

Ok? so I am going too far you say? another conspiracy nut.

American President George Bush says "I will bring peace to the Middle East". Wait a minute? isn't he supposed to be a Christian? Isn't Jesus the only one who will ultimately bring peace to the Middle East? Isn't the anti-Christ the one who will make a false peace agreement? Hmmm? think I am stretching a bit? It gets better.

The prophet Zechariah warned (Christians should be familiar with this, even Christian presidents) that those who burden themselves with Jerusalem will be dashed to pieces. Now a "Christian" president who presumably knows these scriptures, and proclaims a faith in the Jewish Messiah, and yet knowingly leads his nation into the abyss of certain condemnation at the hand of the God he swears he serves desperately needs his head examined. He must be insane!

Today in the British Parliament, the podium from which the Prime Minister speaks not only has a Bible resting upon it; it has a Koran resting on top of the Bible. Europe is fast becoming not only a post Christian group of nations, but a pro-Islamic group of nations as well. President Bush embraces Islam as a "peaceful" religion, and the State Department continues to appease and praise the Islamists openly. Did I miss something? Aren't we supposed to be engaged in a worldwide war against terrorism? Has anyone else noticed that nearly every conflict in the world today, and nearly every terrorist act is perpetrated by Islam? The most notable exception might be the Irish Republican Army, but they are sympathetic to the Palestinians and have often cooperated on strategic training and planning. So if we are waging a war on terror, and we are at the same time doing all we can to appease the terrorist, couldn't it be argued that we are suffering from mass dementia on a global scale?

I contend that to fight against God, Creator of All things, Master of everything, is tantamount to insanity. The world today, and the "leaders" governing us are at war with God. It is that simple, the flesh of man vs. the Holy Spirit of God. This is insanity at its apex. The world is going to suffer tremendously for this embracement of the devil, and the torment of this insanity will burn forever.

Thankfully, none of us have to be turned over to a reprobate mind, we can embrace God instead, love His truth, and surrender to His will. If you have detected in your life a hardening of the heart towards the things of God, I appeal to you to stoop where you are, and fall on your knees in repentance. God does not want that any man (or woman or child) should perish but that all would come to repentance.

Lets see? eternal love, goodness, kindness, joy, and fulfillment, or? eternal torment, separation from all that is good, burning, suffering, terrible fear, thirst? which one will I chose, which one will I choose?

Tom Cooper
The Israel Report

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