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Determining Sales Fit; the Key Growth Process for Your Business

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Help your organization grow by assessing the right indicators in individuals slated for revenue-generating positions within your company. "Growth Talent", such as sales, account executive, consultant, sales engineer, or other individuals responsible for top-line revenue growth. The SalesFit processes addresses the individual uniqueness of your organization and the candidate. The power of the methodology is its ability to ensure an objective understanding of where the candidate is a good fit within your company.

To find the right salesperson for your team, you must analyze the candidate within the following parameters:

Does the Individual's Purpose fit within Your Organization's Future?

An individual's purpose is comprised of their needs and personal vision. More importantly the factors that motivate them are the catalyst that fuels their quest to fulfill their purpose. Individual need for achievement and personal goals are analyzed within the context of the client company vision, organizational values, and organization goals. If the individual cannot find the inner motivation to help the organization attain its future goals and vision, then the ability to help the firm grow is hampered and the candidate would most likely not be a good fit.

Does the Individual's Character fit within the Your Organization's Culture?

The culture of the organization is identified as their team values, norms, and beliefs in how they seek to achieve their corporate (or team) future. The vision of the organization must be embraced by the individual. The Growth Talent profile for character is comprised of their personality traits (such as extraversion, openness, agreeableness, etc) and their emotional intelligence. Finally, a person's beliefs and ethical mindset must fit within the culture of the firm where they will work. Our research and experience has shown that the "character to culture" component is the number one reason why Growth Talent succeeds or fails in fitting in and having an impact to their new organization.

Does the Individual's Ability fit within the Your Organization's Selling System?

A key component of competence, the candidate's abilities to perform are based on their knowledge of their position requirements as well as their capacity to perform the necessary work. For Growth Talent positions, these abilities could include the ability to understand where the future customer is in their buying process as well as what type of buying style they are using. Abilities are also comprised of the underlying knowledge needed to succeed. The nine knowledge areas outlined by the United Professional Sales Association serve as a guideline for understanding the knowledge needed for Growth Talent. Different types of knowledge are needed for different types of sales environments and sales processes. As an example, the knowledge needed to sell into the federal government is different then the knowledge needed to sell commercially.

Does the Individual's Skill fit within the Your Organization's Business Model?

Both the individual's skill and the business outputs are assessed through past experience and track record. Past performance is important to determine applicable skill of the individual as well as the viability of the company.

Brian is the Chairman and Founder of the the United Professional Sales Association (UPSA). UPSA is a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington DC that has addressed the concerns and challenges of individual sales professionals. Brian has authored the world's first universal selling standards and open-source selling framework for free distribution. This 'Compendium of Professional Selling' containing the commonly accepted and universally functional knowledge that all sales professionals possess. The open-source selling standards have been downloaded in 16 countries by over 300 people. Over 30 people have made contributions.

Because UPSA is not owned by one person or any company, it is a member organization and guardian of the global standard of entry into the sales profession.

Find out about the membership organization and understand the processes and framework of professional selling at the UPSA Website at Find out more about Brian at:

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