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Emotions That Sell, Part 2

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In the last article, we looked at three emotions (besides fear and greed) that you can use to connect with your prospects and enrich your marketing campaigns. This time, we're digging a little deeper into the sales psyche. See if you can "connect" with these feelings:

Nostalgia: Remember how wonderful things were back in the "good old days?" Whether those days were really "good" or not, we have a deep-rooted connection to our past. The smallest things -- an aroma, a song -- can bring back memories so powerful, it's as if the moment just happened.

People will spend all kinds of money to stay connected to good memories. Is there some way your product or service can make that connection? Or is there just some way to make that connection, then apply it to your product? Car companies do it by playing classic rock music in their commercials -- even though a new Buick has nothing to do with your teenage years.

Passion: I'm not talking about the lustful kind. What is your prospect passionate about? You can create an instant bond by being passionate about it, too. Fly Fisherman magazine did just that with the classic "Trout Spoken Here" subscription letter. They talked a bit about the "amiable madness" of fly fishing, and only when the connection was made did they begin to overtly sell the subscription. And they sold a ton of them!

Anger: It's you and me against those dirty, evil, low-lifes that have been ripping us off! They lie to you. They take candy from babies. Want to get back at them? Buy from me instead.

There are all kinds of ways to connect with your prospect. Which one will work best depends on who you're selling to. Find out who he is, then choose the best way to get close to his heart. His wallet won't be far behind.

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