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How A Dancing Horse Can Increase Your Sales

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"Yeah right!" I thought to myself as I started to turn off the TV after hearing that the show was about a dancing horse.

I couldn't imagine watching a documentary about a dancing horse and its rocky road to success. I was very skeptical but curious enough to see if this horse could actually dance. After all, the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction -- and a real life dancing horse beats a fictional talking horse.

I was amazed to see the elaborate venue set up for this horse. The audience was dressed as if they were attending an Opera, and the venue was beautifully decorated with an orchestra playing on the stage.

Then out comes Brentina, the dancing horse and main attraction. I watched mesmerized as the horse started dancing as soon as the orchestra started playing. They were in perfect harmony with each other.

The horse timed her dance moves perfectly and gracefully to match every beautiful note the orchestra was playing. Not only was this horse dancing, but it was like watching animal ballet.

My "yeah right!" turned into "wow!" as I watched this perfectly orchestrated performance featuring a combination I never expected to see...a horse and beautiful, graceful dancing.

Thanks to Brentina, I am now a Dressage fan. I learned that she participates in Dressage competitions against other dancing horses, and she also has a website that offers you the opportunity to purchase her documentary video and participate in a discussion forum.

Thanks to Brentina, you have an example of how to increase sales in your business by turning skeptical prospects into raving fans.

Here are a few horse dance moves to get you started:

1. Don't automatically assume that something can't be done in your business because none of your competitors are doing it. To stand out from the crowd of competitors you have to dare to be different. What unlikely combinations can you apply to your business?

2. Don't let skeptics deter you from accomplishing your goal. In order to increase your sales, you have to step outside the box and out of your comfort zone. You may find some critics at the beginning, but you will find amazing success at the end if you stay focused on your goal.

3. When the music starts playing, give them a perfectly executed performance. Wow your clients by showing them why you are the perfect solution for their problems. Under promise and always over deliver. They've paid good money to watch you perform, so give them their money's worth and then some.

4. Your excellent performance will leave your clients wanting more, so give them what they want. Provide information products that they can purchase from you. Keep them connected to you by providing a newsletter, discussion forum or blog.

5. Become innovative. Continually create new services and products to consistently increase sales in your business.

Apply these tips to your business today, and your business will be dancing to a beat of increased sales tomorrow.

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