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More Sales - You Must Keep Asking

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I bought a second pair of reading glasses from my local Optician recently. I need this pair to help me find the first pair which inevitably go missing. While in the Opticians I remember thinking that I needed to buy some solution and some of those tissues for cleaning my mucky glasses.

However, when it came to the point of paying for my new glasses the cleaning stuff went right out of my head. So why didn't the Optician or his assistant ask me - "Is there anything else you need today?" or even - "Do you need any cleaner for your glasses?" Perhaps they didn't like or have the courage to ask, or even they forgot. One way or another, they missed an add-on sale and I didn't get any muck remover.

A couple of days later I was buying a lunchtime sandwich and totally forgot to pick up a bottle of water. If only I'd been asked - "Is there anything else sir, a drink to go with your sandwich?" I ended up going back to another shop in the mall for my bottle of water.

These are only two small opportunities of lost sales and irritation for the customer. To be fair, I'm often asked - "Is there anything else we can do for you today sir?" I usually say "no" because I can't think of any thing.

It's far better to ask a specific question relevant to the customers' needs and your business. It doesn't matter what business you're in, you could always sell another product or another service if you only have the courage to - Ask!

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