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The Golden Week of Selling

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Have you ever heard of the Golden Hour? I live with a paramedic ? so I am always learning about medical terminology (whether I like it or not!) The one that caught my attention was Rob's reference to "The Golden Hour."

The first 60 minutes after someone has been injured are critical in EMS. This is when they can offer the most support in saving someone's life. Paramedics, doctors and nurses call it the Golden Hour.

In selling there is also a Golden period. 7 days! One of the biggest factors in why someone doesn't CHOOSE your product or service is they didn't get what they needed FAST ENOUGH. Hey ? we have all been there ? flat tires (I have had 2 in one week!), orders to fill, e-mails to respond to. We get busy and sometimes a customer or potential customer can slip through the cracks. A good friend of mine, Wayne Cotton, is an international speaker. I love his quote "If you have a problem then create a process. Good-bye problem!"

7 Point Diva Checklist:

Once you have had any interaction with a potential or existing customer go through the following 7 point checklist:

1) (Insert the date) info is required to be in front of client.

2) Thank you card sent within 7 days of meeting. The earlier the better!

3) E-mail follow-up within 24 hours advising them the info will be delivered by the date they need.

4) Delivery of the info BEFORE the deadline if at all possible.

5) Follow-up phone call to ensure they have received the material ? as well as to set up a date to discuss the proposal.

6) Another thank you card once they have purchased your service/product.

7) Insert them into your e-zine/database for additional follow-up for the next 12 months.

Your Mom Was Right!

I really want you to listen to your mother. If she is anything like mine ? you were told a looooooooooooooong time ago that first impressions count. Along with "wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident!" Make sure you are doing your best to create a positive first, second, and FOREVER great impression. Having a structured follow-up strategy is the best way to make this happen. Print off the list for each client ? attach it to their file and make sure you go through it at the end of each week. It stops a customer from falling through the cracks ? which of course, also means that revenue isn't falling through the cracks either!

Listen to your mom, listen to my paramedic boy and also listen to the Sales Diva! Create a Follow-up Process and then you can also spend A Golden Hour in the shoe store of your choice!

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