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Top 7 Psychological Triggers For Unlimited Sales

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Did you know that there are specific psychological triggers you can use to influence the decisions of peoples and persuade them to buy what you are selling?

By knowing and using these psychological triggers you will have an edge on your competitions and make more sales in the process.

Here are 7 psychological triggers you can start using in your sales letter today!

Psychological trigger #1: BE SPECIFIC

It's important to be as specific as possible. Why! Because it make your information more believable and credible. For example: Don't say that you are in your late twenties, say that you are 28 years old or 29. Be specific! Don't be vague!

Psychological trigger #2: CURIOSITY

We are all curious! It's human nature! So, we need to used this trigger to attract more peoples to see or read what we have to offer them. For example: "What is the best way to attract loyal customers?" Are you not curious to find out what the answer is!

Psychological trigger #3: REASON WHY

Show your prospects, subscribers or customers why they should listen to you. Why they should buy what you are offering them. Is it because of your "no questions ask garantee" or "your expertise of 20 years on the subject". Tell them, they want to know why!

Psychological trigger #4: SCARCITY

It's kind of funny. We are more driven by the thought of loosing something then by the thought of gaining something. That's why deadlines, limited opportunities, limited production numbers, etc. will work well. For example: " Buy before 12:00 am today and receive a free trip to Mexico...only 2 left...Hurry!

Psychological trigger #5: FEAR

Fear is a powerful trigger. Just look at the news for example. In the months before Y2K peoples were buying food, water, caddles lights and lots of other products... just based on fear! The same thing happen with war... it's fear that controls most of our actions.

Psychological trigger #6: ENTHUSIASM

You need to be full of positive energy about what you are doing or selling to your prospects and clients. Without this energy you won't be able to transfer your message effectively. Your sales letter will look and feel dull with no power.

Psychological trigger #7: TELLING THE TRUTH

Peoples appreciate honesty. Even though sometimes it can be painful. If you are honest and sincere, peoples will respect you for it. Peoples always found out eventually about lies. And when they do, all trust will be gone!

Here you have it, the top 7 Psychological triggers. Use them in your next sales copy or e-mails and see how it influence your sales in a positive way!

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