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Why Sales People Are Creating Their Own Objections

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I'm about to reveal the biggest secret to growing any small business rapidly. This secret will also increase virtually all sales people's results almost instantly when you learn it and live by it.

The secret is how NOW to get objections in sales!

Throw away your books on 'how to overcome objections in sales', you won't need them once you understand what I am about to reveal.

Here's the simple exercise you must answer truthfully in order to learn the secret...

Get a piece of paper if you want to make a huge difference to your sales as you need to write down your answers. Go on, get a peice now.

Okay, lets begin.

I want you to write down 5 answers to this question...

What do you believe to be true about SALES PEOPLE?

Okay, I hope you've written down your answer so you get the most benefit out this exercise.

Here's what I've found after 5 years of asking these questions... 80% of sales people believed in majority these answers about sales people...

They're pushy

They tell lies

They are only interested in taking your money

They will tell you anything to get a sale

They're too friendly

They're not good listeners

You can't trust them...

Now, what were your answers?? Did they resemble any of these? Did you have any on them on the list?

If you did, your answer was similar to 80% of sales people.

In regards to your beliefs about sales people, let me know ask you 2 more interesting questions...

Are you describing yourself with your answers? (yes or no?)

Are you a sales person? (yes or no?)

Ask yourself these 2 questions over again.

What I've learnt from my experience is that people don't usually describe themselves when thinking about their beliefs about sales people. And do you know why?

Because they have an identity problem with being a sales person! They don't honestly believe they are a sales person, even though they stand in front of customers, talk to them on the phone, or take their money every day. Question 2 is the reality check. If you truly thought of yourself as a sales person, why werent you describing yourself??

What happens is, people don't want to become a person they don't like in order to sell and so they don't believe they are sales people, even though their role is talking to customers.

I guarantee you customers think anyone who can take their money, or listen to them talk at all on anything, should be trained in sales or customers service at least... don't you think this way when you're a customer?

What ever you believe to be true on any subject, you will have good cause to be right in thinking. Thats the hardest part.

Are there pushy sales people who just want to take people's money, of course there are, but they are a minority, the vast majority of sales people dont even believe they are sales people!

So here's the lesson and the benefit to you in summary...

Until you believe you are a sales person you will never increase your sales, or selling skills, as you don't want to become a lowly thought of person. You won't truly learn anything effective about selling until you believe you are a sales person.

Now the news gets even worse! If 80% of sales people (which is the number I have found after 5 years of training people) think very poorly of sales people, what do you think the average person in the street thinks of sales people??

No, there beliefs are not the same... they're a lot worse!!

The good news is, if you want to be a fantastic sales person there is a way. A unique way that when utilised and mastered can massively increase sales from 20% to 2,500% in weeks or months as I have proven with my own clients I teach sales to.

The key to your success is NOT to talk, gesture, act, move or dress like a typical 'salesperson' . Do you know what happens then?

People actually compliment you on the fact that they were so relieved with talking to you because they were expecting you to BE a sales person ... after they have given you their money!

So the way to NOT get objections that you have to try to overcome, is NOT to create them in the first place by being a sales person they don't like! If people like you or relate to you they will feel comfortable with you and tell you EVERYTHING you want to know. When you get really good at it you don't get a chance to recommend anything as they simply sell themselves before you get a chance.

Sales people give "opinions". In other words they make "statements". Stop making statements and educate people by asking them educational questions to raise their level of knowledge. Abscence of knowledge creates fear. Knowledge removes the fear. Educate, don't opinionate! Don't create your own objections by being what customers think is a sales person.

The solution to the biggest sales objection they never put in the "how to overcome objections book", is how to deal with people that don't like you or relate to you because you're a sales person as they will never tell you that.

The magic secret is be everything a 'typical sales person' isnt, a great listener, understanding, patient and your sales will go through the roof.

Obviously you need some more ingredients to win sales with 100% success so read my other ezine articles, "How to Build Rapport in 7 Seconds" and "Why All Sales Decisions Are Based on Emotion - The Proof!"

Tim Stokes is a master at teaching sales and specifically the art of how NOT to get objections. His gentle approach is based on his own proven principle, 'selling is 99% building rapport and 1% knowing how to sell. If you know how to build massive rapport you don't need to know how to sell. Anyone can love selling when they learn his formula.

Tim's best client results with sales training are, 357% increase in sales for a real estate agent with 20 years experience from 1 days sales training. A blind manufacturing company that went from 3% conversion rate to 75% conversion rate in 6 months with 30% higher prices. A carpet cleaner who put his prices up 30% and sold to 82% of booking. A tree surgeon who put his prices up by 50% while increasing his sales from 42% to 65%.

Find out more about Tim Stokes at his website at

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