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Your Business Approach Can Make or Break a Business Deal

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Every sales presentation should start with the approach, or introduction. Your approach should be a well-defined statement that can be easily adjusted for any situation. Although getting the prospect's attention brings fear into the hearts of some people, generally, it is not a difficult thing to do. But it can be easily lost with drawn-out, unnecessary chitchat.

The mission of your opening statement is to get the attention of the prospect. Without the prospect's attention, the selling process cannot be started. Nervousness may cause the salesperson to hurry their sales presentation, leaving out critical information.

If a salesman is nervous it could be due to lack of confidence in their approach. They may know their approach is not effective and doesn't create curiosity and interest. Or perhaps they are not sure of their sales abilities, or they do not believe the claims of the product they are selling are true.

If you fear meeting with the prospect like you would fear a death sentence, you will have defeated yourself before you ever get started. Your nervousness will show in your demeanor and voice. If you show your prospect you lack confidence in yourself, or your proposition, they will lack confidence in your ability to render them a real service.

Don't approach your prospect like you owe them something, or like you stole something from them. Show them you have self-respect and confidence in yourself and your goods. You are not a beggar. You're a salesman who helps to keep the economy moving.

Before meeting with the prospect (during the pre-approach phase) prepare yourself by thinking about the points you want to bring to the prospect's attention. Discard any ideas that may harm the selling process. Calm your nerves. Ask yourself what makes you fear meeting with the prospect. If it's because you don't think your approach is good enough; then, now is the time to go over it in your mind and make the necessary changes. Realize the prospect is only a person just like you. No better and no less.

Your approach cannot be used in the same way with every prospect because everyone is different. Try to see yourself through the eyes of your prospect. Observe your prospect and adjust your approach accordingly. How you present yourself will have a great bearing on whether, or not you will have the opportunity to tell your whole story.

You are selling a proposition. Be clear and concise with your opening statement. First of all, don't change your personality, or try to duplicate someone else. Just be you. If the prospect senses you are putting on aires, they may not trust anything you have to say.

The prospect granted you an appointment, so curiosity has already been started in the prospect's mind, but now the curiosity that was started needs to be increased with your approach. The first 15 seconds will have an important effect on the rest of your sales talk. In that short amount of time the prospect can determine if you came to buy something, sell something, or render a real service.

So take the time to prepare a good introduction because a sale can be made or lost within those first few seconds based on what you say, how you say it and how you present yourself and your product to the prospect.

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