Active Aerial Minefields

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Is it possible to build an active aerial minefield to protect our troops and in-country logistical supply lines? The answer is probably yes. The Germans attempted to use hot air balloons with charges on them. It did not work. However today we have many newer technologies that if put together it might be possible to actually build an active aerial mine field. For instance what about a "Metal Storm" with lightweight munitions inside hanging from Balloons.

Any approaching threat would be met with an overwhelming response. The balloons would be reflective for safety against laser attack and be deadly against aircraft, UAVs or missile airspace intrusions? Just a thought?

Having an aerial barrier between our enemy and our assets, troops or allies is omnipotent, yet few modern warfare techniques are able to do this. Recently a small UAV from Hezbolla was able to avoid Israeli defenses and flew around for hours and then returned. We must have proper defenses in place if we are to have human beings on the battlefield who are vulnerable to attack. Previous efforts for 100% security have failed in defense of regional areas, yet the weaponry is getting better and the offensive side of the game much stronger and getting stronger each and every year.

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