Einstein Half Dead

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100 years ago Albert Einstein developed his Relativity Theory of physics that claimed that the universe is actually based on a space-time-gravity continuum (a non-mechanical version of Rene Descartes' earlier mechanical ether theory) and with time as variable and relative.

Einstein believed that his theory disproved "all of Isaac Newton's physics theory", and that "Newton's theory" had disproved all earlier physics theories. Einstein accepted that his Relativity Theory contained basic illogicalities and that it failed to explain electrical and magnetic phenomena. He concluded that its its omissions needed resolving, but that its illogicalities had to be accepted as its maths were certainly an advance over Newton's in correctly predicting more in astronomy and some other areas.

But Einstein and other modern physicists have dealt chiefly with the physics issues of the time, showing poor grasp of earlier physics theories. Newton did not claim to have any physics theory, only a set of black-box mathematical laws that he concluded might be consistant with either of the two main earlier physics theories of Rene Descartes and William Gilbert. The improved maths of Einstein's theory in itself is perhaps no proof of Einstein's postulated explanation - just as Newton did not claim proof of any particular explanation?

Since Einstein, physicists have continued to deal chiefly with the physics issues of the time. - one strand of which has been trying to develop Relativity Theory by incorporating forcefields to cover all of the basic physical forces. Another main physics theory strand has been on developing an alternative non-continuum quantum physics theory, with or without forcefields, and including modern 'String', 'Loop' and other theory variations.

Today it seems that Relativity Theory in some form is chiefly supported by astronomers and cosmologists, while Quantum Theory in some form seems chiefly supported by particle physicists. Neither seem fully satisfactory, and nothing seems yet to have fully disproved the much earlier physics theories of Descartes or Gilbert?

But it certainly seems that Einstein is at least half dead now?!

Vincent Wilmot

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