Free Energy from Space

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Tesla was always looking for a way to harvest electromagnetic energy and deliver it to the world wireless, after reading a biography about Tesla; I had come up with this concept. Harvesting and Wireless delivery of Electromagnetic Energy From Space. Why not put a satellite that counter rotates the Earth and is located at the poles. It would be over the poles. It would have 24-mile long entergy tail tentacles off of it spinning around along with the satellite.

Remember when the space shuttle attempted to deploy an entergy tail and it captured so much energy it almost fried the system? These satellites tentacles traveling against the electro magnetic field. You could have a giant tube with multiple levels of tentacles spinning collecting energy. Inside the tube is a giant collective, which would send the energy in a stream down to earth to hook to the grid, by laser through the holes in the ozone. The satellite would be self-propelled from its own energy collection to keep it exactly in place and it will have a composite mirror on a low level satellite to help the energy make the turn and then use it as a weapon to kill terrorists or send energy to countries who need it. Other uses include shooting down killer asteroids or missile defense.

A schedule would be known to prevent airliners or private aircraft from flying through the beam as Lockheed continues their project to control all worldwide airspace. There is obviously lots of electromagnetic energy available to have and use free of charge once the infrastructure is built and we understand how to collect and deliver it. If you have a similar idea or know of this technology post them below. And you thought that Star Wars was Science Fiction, hmmm? Think Again.

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