Preventing Flooding on Individual Farmers Fields to Save Crops

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I propose permits be given to farmers to they can set up along the edge of their fields a microwave array to burn a hole in the clouds when severe weather threatens their crops. I would propose that this concept be completely privately funded and be done in conjunction with the FAA. As a wicked storm approaches the farmer can minimize his loses by slight overhead weather modification. The array can be pointed out at a forty-five degree angle to the approaching cloud until the width of the field is displayed on the bottom side of the cloud. As the cloud passes over it will begin to regroup and come back together without changing the over all regional weather.

Here is a thought on weather manipulation, cloud modification and wind flow prediction.

This can be done and save crops from ruin in the event of a huge storm which threatens to ruin the entire seasons crop. Permits can be given out to the operators of these units under an understanding that in the event our country is attacked that this piece of equipment is now to be used in the defense of our country or commandeered by the National Guard. Meanwhile the farmer cannot hire out the service unless certain severe or extremely untimely weather conditions exist during planting or potential flooding conditions.

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