Remote Control Bacteria; We Can Not Allow That.

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Remote Control Bacteria. Why not, we have remote control everything. Controlling RNA, DNA, Proteins and enzymes. By turning on and off the Riboswitches:

Scientists are learning ways to turn off and on Bacteria too by switching proteins on and off. Well this is incredible and brings us closer to the idea of Matrix II, where human beings are and all species are living a computer program. Kind of Science Fictionish. It is such a great period to be alive and rivals the Renaissance and or Roman and Greek periods. We are finding ways to merge BioMetrics, Computers, Nano-Tech and Autonomous robots. Let's look at this new discovery for a second. We are talking about remote control for bacteria. First here is a brief overview:

Calling these things Microbial machines is a cool enough term, but the incredible value to mankind is enormous. e. Coli bacteria kills 5800 people per year due to problems in food processing and preparing. Many programs attempt to teach workers about these issues. What if we put certain bacteria in bird seed? That stopped West Nile Virus. By putting the anti-virus in bird seed, which the Culex piepen Mosquitoes feast upon spreading the West Nile Virus, then the migratory birds could not spread it to the Mosquitoes who give it to us and our livestock. Lacing the bird seed with a bacteria which eats away at the Virus and could be turned on by remote control when birds or mosquitoes come close would kill the virus as it approached livestock or areas where people live.

Think of all the benefits involved with such a scientific discovery. Turning off proteins or turning them on has got to be one of the best discoveries of this decade. This might be the new miracle medical break through to control aging, deterioration of organs, problems with rejection during transplants, and curing many degenerative diseases. We may find so very new and exciting cures for all kinds of stuff to follow this discovery.

We must pour money into this new area of research. This might also be used in Salton Sea clean-up, radioactive clean-up, help us on Mars with new bacteria we find that do not co-inside with our carbon based bi-pod formatting. There are hundreds of possibilities ahead, thousands of environmental uses. For instance oxygenated bacteria living within fuel tanks eating the walls of underground stainless tanks, Superfund sites at copper mines and so many others. The way this thing works, we may have found the way to have computers interact with the human brain to provide you with an add-on memory chip. So incredible, MIT has done it again.

This is a breakthrough which can assist all of us in our old age, the ramifications for hyper-spacing human evolution and taking our species to the next level is a jump of tens of thousands of years in one or two decades. Life expectancies might be raised over 100's of years.

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